NuvoraWhite lozenge whitens teeth

July 31, 2009
Nuvora introduces new concept in teeth whitening based on the company's patented sustained release technology.

NuvoraWhite is a mint-flavored soft lozenge that slowly dissolves in the mouth while whitening the teeth, killing bacteria and freshening the breath. There are numerous over-the-counter whitening products on the market, including trays and strips that require a great deal of work by the consumer but there has never been a soft lozenge that dissolves over an hour, creating a great taste while whitening the teeth. NuvoraWhite is for everyone who wants the convenience and affordability of an anytime teeth whitener. There are no messy trays or strips.

NuvoraWhite offers the following advantages:

• More convenient than trays or strips

• Soft lozenge that slowly dissolves in mouth to whiten teeth

• Whitens teeth anytime/anywhere

• Can be used as a touch up/maintenance whitener

• No sensitivity

• Kills bacteria and freshens breath while it whitens

• No sugar or alcohol

The ingredients in NuvoraWhite are all Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. NuvoraWhite contains carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent, essential oils and Xylitol to kill bacteria and zinc to freshen the breath. There is no sugar or alcohol.

To whiten teeth, the lozenge is simply placed in the mouth and moved occasionally over the front teeth for best results. The lozenge is designed to last an hour or longer and will slowly dissolve over that time. You do not bite or chew the lozenge.

The suggested regimen to maximize whiteness is two lozenges a day for 18 days although results may be seen in 6-12 days. NuvoraWhite may also be used as a great touch-up/maintenance product for those who have recently had their teeth whitened.

NuvoraWhite is not available in retail stores but is through dental offices or direct at or by calling Nuvora at 1-877-419-2646.