VITA titanium offers clinical advantages

June 25, 2010
Product provides dental labs with handling characteristics, natural esthetics, and accurate shade matching.

BREA, California--For nearly 15 years, VITA’s Titanium Porcelain (VITA Titankeramic) has offered dental labs handling characteristics, natural esthetics, and accurate shade matching.

The porcelain is easy to use, looks natural in the mouth, and provides effect modifiers that can be used for shade adjustment or simulating color anomalies. Merging these practical porcelain features with the clinical properties of titanium alloy has created a powerful combination. This combination is ideal for labs that are looking to set themselves apart and dentists who want to offer the best restoration possible.

“VITA Titanium Porcelain is matched to the specific properties of titanium, making it an excellent all-around choice for metal ceramic restorations,” explained Bernie Jaroslow, product marketing manager for Vident.

To the dentist, the lab, and the patient, the clinical advantages of milled, medical-grade titanium veneered with VITA Titanium Porcelain are numerous. The restoration is biocompatible, looks natural with fine-grained ceramic esthetics, is strong yet lightweight, and is radiolucent for the detection of secondary caries after cementation. Titanium is also corrosion-resistant, has a neutral taste, and offers a low thermal conductivity.

Another advantage of VITA Titanium Porcelain is the ability to utilize the VITA 3D-MASTER shade system and VITA Classical Shade Guide. The shade ranges cover virtually all tooth shades that occur in nature, and are designed to provide systematic coverage of the entire tooth color space.

To further enhance the value of VITA Titanium Porcelain, VITA has recently partnered with Nobel Biocare. The combination of Nobel Biocare’s knowledge in CAD/CAM restorative solutions with VITA’s material expertise should provide even better prosthetics quality and treatment processes for dental professionals and patients.

VITA’s veneering portfolio is compatible with NobelProcera’s products (alumina, zirconia, titanium, and cobalt-chrome frameworks) and offers a match for consistent, high-quality tooth restorations. Both companies plan to combine their training and education competencies to offer customized training programs for veneering, denture prosthetics, treatment planning, preparation, and placement techniques.

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