Discus part of ABC'S Extreme Makeover

Dec. 10, 2002
Participants on the show will undergo plastic surgery, tooth whitening and other dental services, and a complete beauty and wardrobe makeover.

Discus Dental, a leader in the professional tooth whitening category, today announced that its founder, William Dorfman, DDS, FAACD, will be featured in the new ABC Television one-hour primetime special "Extreme Makeover," airing on Wednesday, December 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Dr. Dorfman will perform smile makeovers, including tooth whitening with Discus Dental's Zoom! system, for all three participants.

Each of the participants -- Stacy, Stephanie and Luke -- will experience a real-life Cinderella story of their own. They will undergo plastic surgery, tooth whitening and other dental services, and a complete beauty and wardrobe makeover. They will also be placed on a rigorous physical training and nutrition regimen.

"Everyone's concerned with their appearances these days, but many don't have the money or commitment to 'make themselves over' as they imagine," comments Dr. Dorfman. "What 'Extreme Makeover' is doing is remarkable. They're giving these participants the chance of a lifetime, and creating a whole new outlook on themselves and life in general. I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

The smile makeover segment with Dr. Dorfman includes a comprehensive oral health exam, Zoom! tooth whitening, and whatever other dental services are appropriate. The Zoom! in-office treatment is simple, painless and completed in about an hour, usually with dramatic results. Teeth typically become an average of eight shades whiter, though results of up to 14 shades are achieved in some patients. The procedure involves the application of a proprietary whitening gel to the patient's teeth, which is activated by the patented Zoom! chairside lamp. When the treatment is complete, dingy, discolored and deeply stained teeth are transformed to pearly whites.

"One thing that people should understand is that they don't have to spend a lot of money to get a new 'look,'" continues Dr. Dorfman. "With tooth whitening, consumers can essentially revitalize their smiles, which gives them a totally new look. It's the safest, easiest, and least expensive cosmetic procedure around, and the results can be dramatic."

In addition to Dr. Dorfman, featured makeover artists include Dr. Garth Fisher, a board certified plastic surgeon; Brenda Cooper, former host of E!'s "Fashion Emergency," who helped select the wardrobes; Dr. Robert Maloney, Lasik surgeon; Michael Thurmond, personal trainer and creator of the "Six Week Body Makeover;" and Jose Eber and his team of hair and make-up stylists.

"Extreme Makeover" is scheduled to air on December 11 at 9 p.m. Check your local guide for listings.