Zoom! Weekender Kit now available

Oct. 1, 2002
New kit takes only three days to get teeth an average of six shades whiter

Now, instead of taking weeks to get whiter teeth at home, Zoom!(TM) Take-Home Professional Tooth Whitening System from Discus Dental, also known as the Zoom! Weekender Kit takes only three days to get teeth an average of six shades whiter!

The Discus Dental Zoom! Weekender Kit contains six calibrated applications of the proprietary Zoom! tooth whitening gel in easy-to-use syringes. The user places a drop of the gel from the syringe in each tooth compartment of his or her customized tray and places the tray in their mouth. For the quickest results, the Zoom! Weekender Kit should be used for 4-8 hours per day for three consecutive days, preferably overnight while sleeping. Studies show that most people see an average improvement of more than six shades.

"Tooth whitening may be the fastest, easiest and least expensive to way for people to look good and feel better about themselves," states Bill Dorfman, DDS, founder of Discus Dental Inc. "Best of all, tooth whitening doesn't take that long to achieve dramatic results! With the Zoom! Weekender Kit, most people are satisfied with the results after only three days, which leaves them with three additional applications as a bonus. However, if they want to go whiter still, they can continue using the gel for six consecutive days."

How it Works
Zoom! patent-pending, professional technology is not available in other whitening products. And, because it's only available from dentists, it's guaranteed to be safe and effective. The Zoom! gel utilizes a breakthrough chemistry that is engineered to accelerate whitening efficiency in two unique ways. First, revolutionary surfectant technology helps that enables the gel to more effectively penetrate the teeth. Second, a unique activation matrix helps to control the activation of hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide is activated, oxygen, the element responsible for brightening the teeth, enters the enamel and dentin, bleaching colored substances while the structure of the tooth remains unchanged. This innovative formula enables the Zoom! Weekender Kit to more effectively whiten teeth in a shorter period of time.

With the introduction of the Zoom! Weekender Kit, dentists can now offer a range of professional-strength tooth whitening options that also include the Zoom! In-OfficeTreatment, which whitens teeth an average of eight shades in a single one-hour session. The in-office treatment began sweeping the country in August 2001 and has since been embraced by thousands of dentists. The Zoom! systems were created by Discus Dental, which has been supplying dentists with professional-strength oral hygiene products for more than ten years.

Zoom! Weekender at a Glance
-- Whitens teeth an average of over six shades in one weekend (three applications)
-- Process consists of placing drops of gel from a calibrated syringe into mouth trays, then wearing the mouth trays for 4-6 hours for three consecutive days or nights
-- Sleep, exercise, drive, watch a movie -- while Zoom!ing
-- Safe, fast, effective, convenient
-- Available exclusively at dentists' offices nationwide

Zoom! In-Office at a Glance
-- Teeth brightened an average of eight shades whiter in about an hour
-- Simple process consisting of placing a whitening gel on the teeth, which is then activated by a small, highly-specialized lamp
-- Comfortable and fun experience, lamp is not a laser and transmits almost no heat, causing little or no sensitivity for most patients
-- Zoom! lamp is the only lamp on the market created by a dentist solely for tooth whitening purposes
-- Available exclusively at dental offices, for safe and dramatic results

About Discus Dental
Founded in 1989, Discus Dental is the world's leader in the professional tooth whitening category, a more than $750 million industry. Located in Culver City, Calif., Discus Dental is focused on a simple goal: to make the most exciting and effective dental products available at the dentist's office. Discus Dental's products are endorsed by over 45,000 dental offices in the U.S. alone and its whitening products have often been rated #1 by independent ratings publications in the dental industry. For more information regarding Zoom!, Discus Dental's newest tooth whitening process, please call 1-877-ZOOM123 or visit www.zoomnow.com .