Totally customizable fiber post introduced

Jan. 9, 2006
Customizable fiber post features retention, strength, and flexibility.

SybronEndo introduces a totally customizable fiber post called PeerlessPost.

Retention, strength and flexibility are all characteristics of a reliable fiber post. PeerlessPost, has all that and more.

Adjustable on both ends, the PeerlessPost boasts 64 different options within four post sizes. Both the coronal and apical aspects of the post are segmented to easily and accurately adjust for every patient.

It's unique "keystone" segment design prevents rotation and dislodgement. Built in undercuts along the length of the post increase surface area and improve retention. Offered in .04 and .06 taper, the PeerlessPost fits directly into tapered root canals without additional prep work.

Optional matching drills can be used to further refine the preparation. PeerlessPost is esthetic, radiopaque and fully customizable.

To experience the PeerlessPost please contact SybronEndo at (800) 346-3636 or at