Sept. 1, 2011
Brushless motor delivers ample power and consistency of full A/C mains power.
TULSA, Oklahoma--DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has announced the availability of a new piece of equipment for dental professionals, the ProMark Endodontic Motor.The ProMark is built upon a tradition of performance and reliability, and is a versatile and complete endodontic motor for rotary and reciprocation. The brushless motor delivers ample power and consistency of full A/C mains power. It’s also compatible with a variety of e-type handpieces.The ProMark is preloaded with the library of Tulsa Dental Specialties’ rotary and reciprocation settings, and is fully programmable for individual preferences. It can also be updated with future endodontic innovations for a longer return on investment.DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties offers new two-day CE courseOther features include:* Modern motor system* Delivers smooth reciprocation* Vivid 3-row LCD display* Integrated rotary and reciprocation file series library* Auto-sensing global voltage compatibility (110/220 V)* Well-weighted foot pedal with 360° activation* Preset options allow five single file, file series, or custom file series* Upgradable software and file library* Handpiece calibration* Auto-Stop/Reverse/Forward in rotary mode* Powerful 30,000 RPM brushless motor can be autoclaved* With recommended 8:1 handpiece (sold separately)* Speed Settings: 50 to 3,600 RPM in rotary mode* Torque Settings: 30 to 1000 g-cm* Capable of 150,000 RPM operation with 1:5 increaser handpiece* Compatible with a broad range of e-type handpieces (1:1, 8:1,16:1, 1:5)For more information, visit www.tulsadentalspecialties.com or call (800) 662-1202.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.