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StarDental handpiece components

Sept. 1, 2010
Two new energy-efficient components provide option to switch existing StarDental handpieces to a cool, white LED light source.
MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, has expanded the StarDental line of high-speed handpiece components with the introduction of the new StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel and StarBright LED Replacement Bulbs.

These two energy-efficient components Provide the option to switch existing StarDental handpieces to a cool, white LED light source.

The lightweight StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel provides a cool white, neutral daylight-color illumination and has a temperature of 4,000K. The precise light source of the LED Swivel results in a clear view with substantially less eye fatigue for the user.

The sleek, lightweight, anodized aluminum housing of the StarBright LED swivels are durable and able to withstand autoclave. They are 1/3 smaller and 70% lighter than traditional stainless steel six-pin swivels. This provides the user with balance and less hand fatigue.

The LED Swivel lasts more than 10 times the life of a halogen bulb, resulting in cost savings and maintenance, and is compatible with any six-pin ISO Type C tubing.

The LED replacement bulb for the StarDental HiFlo Swivel easily replaces existing halogen light sources with LED illumination, and there is no need to purchase new swivels. Much like the StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel, the replacement LED provides cool white light (4,000K color temperature) and lasts 10 times longer than halogen.

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