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BasicBites at RDH Under One Roof—hygienists "take the bite"

July 28, 2015
BasicBites soft chews help maintain enamel health and support a normal oral pH environment.
Dental hygienists from around the world recently converged in Las Vegas to attend RDH "Under One Roof." At this annual conference, dental professionals sampled BasicBites and "took the bite" for supporting enamel health. These soft chews bathe teeth with a vital blend of nutrients that fuel and boost the mouth's natural defenses. BasicBites are sugar-free, chocolate-flavored soft chews containing Ortek's patented arginine bicarbonate, calcium carbonate technology that supports a normal and healthy oral pH environment. Arginine, bicarbonate, and calcium are key nutrients found in healthy saliva. BasicBites mimic saliva's profound benefits for maintaining healthy teeth. Two BasicBites per day are recommended for children over six and adults. BasicBites are essential for the millions of individuals with dry mouth and those with diets high in sugars.
The revolutionary arginine bicarbonate, calcium carbonate technology in BasicBites was developed at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and is based on over 40 years of research in the field of oral biology. Stony Brook researchers discovered beneficial oral bacteria living on tooth surfaces and found that these good bacteria favor and convert arginine (a common amino acid found in saliva) into tooth-friendly buffers. This results in immediate and sustained alkali production and helps support the existing and healthy pH (acid/base) balance on tooth surfaces. In a neutral and normal oral pH environment, calcium can return to the teeth - a process called remineralization. Bicarbonate provides additional buffering and supports the benefits of arginine and calcium. "BasicBites received an incredibly enthusiastic reception from dedicated hygienists at the RDH Under One Roof conference," said Shannon Nanne, RDH, director of professional relations and education for BasicBites. "These leading dental professionals soon realized that BasicBites are a delicious option to help maintain their patients' dental health. Our 'I Took the Bite' campaign was a tremendous success."

Sugar free BasicBites are 20 calories each and are a source of calcium. BasicBites are available online at

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