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New dental product: Practicon offers toothbrush covers, tongue cleaners

Feb. 28, 2013
Bean-shaped design of Beans Toothbrush Covers is functional.

Practicon offers Beans Toothbrush Covers and Beans Pocket Tongue Cleaners.

The bean-shaped design of Beans Toothbrush Covers is functional. Designed to fit nearly all styles of toothbrushes, the colorful, hinged, vented covers have an internal rib to keep bristles straight. To help increase referrals, the covers may also be imprinted with a black imprint of 20 spaces per line on three lines.

Beans Pocket Tongue Cleaners feature convenience and portability. Packaged in a compact, vented, bean-shaped case that fits in a pocket or purse, the cleaners help patients to remove bacteria and freshen breath. Imprinted Beans Tongue Cleaners hold up to 28 spaces per line on three lines with black imprint.

For more information, visit or call (800) 959-9505.

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