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Thumbuddy to Love

Jan. 7, 2011
Thumbuddy to Love is a new, positive teaching tool and book designed for children ages 3 to 6.
BOULDER, Colorado--Thumbuddy to Love is a new, positive teaching tool and book to help kids stop thumb sucking and finger sucking.To read more about thumb sucking, go to thumb sucking.The product is available online through the Thumbuddy Web site at and on The product is designed for children ages 3 to 6, and retails for $19.95. Thumbuddy to Love received a Mom’s Choice Award 2009.The children’s book and interactive thumb puppet are encouraging ways to teach kids how to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. Created by Andrea Van Ness, Thumbuddy to Love includes a book that parents can read and an interactive thumb puppet that kids can place on their thumb to remind them to stop thumb sucking. Endorsed by dentists, the teaching tool can be used to help prevent improper growth of baby and adult teeth due to thumb sucking. “I believe that the booklet and the fun and exciting finger puppets of Thumbuddy to Love can be a great tool in encouraging children to give up thumb or finger sucking in a gratifying and fun adventure,” said Michael D. Jones, DDS, board-certified pediatric dentist and past president of the Colorado Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Reminding children at an early age to give up thumb sucking is beneficial as, according to the American Dental Association, “prolonged thumb sucking can cause problems with proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. It may also cause changes to the roof of mouth.” There are two characters developed with plans to increase the line in the coming year. “Fireman Fred,, is a boy version character with a playful fireman outfit and a girl version as a dancing ballerina called “Ballerina Sue.” For more information, visit To comment on this product, go to