Rowpar CloSYS toothpaste

Sept. 16, 2011
Rowpar’s offering of sulfate-free toothpastes with or without fluoride provides consumers with more choices.

CloSYS patented formula toothpaste containing Cloralstan, a chlorine dioxide based antimicrobial, now combines the naturally activated oxidizing traits of the original formula with the anticavity properties of fluoride.

Rowpar’s offering of sulfate-free toothpastes with or without fluoride provides consumers with more choices.

Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., has produced specialty toothpaste, mouth rinse, breath spray and dental unit waterline cleaner since 1991. Created by a periodontist to offer patients help in the fight and treatment of gum disease, CloSYS patented formula was introduced.

Originally sold to the dental community as everyday use products for patients, CloSYS was created with a focus on assisting consumers by helping to make the mouth healthier as a way to assist with a healthier body. Until recently, CloSYS toothpaste formula was unable to combine with fluoride, according to Jim Ratcliff, CEO of Rowpar.

“The CloSYS formula is an exceptional germ killer, and as such presented stability challenges until recent breakthroughs," Ratcliff said.

"Because of the vast importance of our Cloralstan technology, we did not want to compromise the treatment properties just for the sake of adding fluoride. Fluoride combined with our full strength formula was the only solution we would accept.”

The CloSYS anticavity fluoride paste follows the FDA monograph for fluoride pastes that use sodium fluoride (0.24%).

The original fluoride-free formula has not been replaced, according to Andy Gritti, executive vice president of Marketing.

“From the very onset, Rowpar had intentions of maintaining a fluoride-free formula for those consumers that prefer their toothpaste without fluoride. However, many of our consumers have told us repeatedly they wish we would offer a fluoride formula. So we listened.”

Both formulas remain pH-balanced, triclosan-free, and sulfate-free to aid in consumers seeking effective oral care products that are sensitive to the mouth.

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Dental professionals recognize that gum disease occurs in more than three out of four patients and has been linked to other serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term pregnancy and more. Rowpar’s CloSYS brand toothpaste, mouth rinse, and breath sprays are focused on helping consumers make the connection between the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth in an effort to assist in maintaining good overall health.

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