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Dec. 12, 2011
The Emmi-dent should reduce the issues/problems of periodontal disease and infection, helping enable dentists to avoid repeating expensive procedures while improving their patients’ dental health.
A new nonabrasive ultrasonic toothbrush should reduce the issues/problems of periodontal disease and infection, helping enable dentists to avoid repeating expensive procedures while improving their patients’ dental health.The Emmi-dent device, already available in Europe, has been introduced in the U.S. Retail price is $189. “This is a $189 ‘insurance policy’ for dentists,” said Stephen Spector, president of Emmi-tech in Canton, Mass., manufacturer of the device. “Now dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and dental hygienists can enable their patients to benefit from the antibacterial effects of ultrasound, minimize their risk of dental diseases, and improve oral health.”Dr. Alisa Feldman, pediatric dentist, Shrewsbury, Mass., stated: “The coffee stains on my teeth have been an embarrassment to me, especially when I got to my dentist to have my teeth scaled and cleaned. With Emmi-dent, I see a big difference in my teeth and can feel how well it is cleaning them. Children will love it, because it’s so gentle on the teeth.”Dr. Roland Streckbein, implantologist in Limburg, Germany, was one of the first dentists who gave away an Emmi-dent to patients after a surgical implant operation. “The patients had much faster healing and regeneration of the gum with no post-surgical bacterial problems," he stated. "For me, the tooth cleaning and mouth hygiene with ultrasound is the golden standard. Implantologists can focus on new implants instead of seeing and treating recurring implant patients to eradicate their gum infections. Thus, there is more turnover and profits.” Other electric or sonic toothbrushes operate abrasively and clean through mechanical friction at 30,000 RPM by means of abrasive substances in the toothpaste. This creates a risk of injuring dental enamel and gums. Emmi-dent’s motionless ultrasonic cleaning has 96 million air oscillations per minute with no abrasion and no resulting damage to the teeth and gums. The ultrasonic effect is supported by a special nano-bubble toothpaste with a new formula. This toothpaste, together with ultrasound, creates billions of minuscule nano-bubbles that can penetrate small crevices, surround the bacteria, and destroy it. The Emmi-dent device has been selected by a team of experts at the Pragodent Dental Expo (Czech Republic) as the “Innovation” winner in the prevention-hygiene category.Cleaning the teeth and gums in the first four to six weeks after receiving implants is important but difficult. Regular brushings rub the swollen gums to clean the wounds from bacteria to avoid infection but cause irritations and pain. Emmi-dent, which can be used immediately after surgery, is gentle on the wounds and requires no brushing while killing bacteria not only on the surface but also deep in the tissue and pockets. A problem with implants is the so-called micro-gap between implant, abutment, and crown. Bacteria may enter this gap, causing infections that might eventually lead to loose implants. The Emmi-dent nano-bubbles disinfect this gap. Conducting ultrasonic waves and nano-bubbles, Emmi-dent cleans motionlessly through the implosion of its nano-bubble toothpaste that conducts the ultrasonic waves into the smallest cavities, fissures, and gingival pockets, where even dental floss cannot reach. Its therapeutic effect is evident within a few days, even in advanced acute cases. Manual, electric and sonic toothbrushes clean only where the bristles reach, and abrasive particles damage the enamel. Emmi-dent not only preserves the enamel but restores enamel to its natural white color. Ultrasound and nano-bubbles expel color pigments from coffee, wine, nicotine and food, as well as calculus that sticks in microscopic pits and discolor teeth. This reduces the need for additional tooth-whitening procedures. Emmi-dent not only cleans the teeth but also works between the teeth and periodontal pockets, all without friction, with no movement of the brush and without applying abrasives. This can damage the enamel. Inflammation cannot occur since the antibacterial effect of ultrasound--destruction of bacteria--prevents the formation of bacteria and resulting formation of plaque, calculus, caries, periodontitis, and other tooth diseases.The antibacterial effect of ultrasound is based on the rapid sequence of pressure increase and decrease in the cell micro-organism, which leads to stress on the organism’s membranes and a consequential destruction of the cell.The Four-Pronged ApproachUltrasound is generated by a microchip directly inside the Emmi-dent brush head with an ultrasonic capability. The chip creates the ultrasonic impulses and transmits them via each bristle and the nano-bubble toothpaste directly onto the surface and the gum. Billions of nano-bubbles cover the plaque, imploding through the ultrasonic impulse and destroying plaque, tartar, food scraps, bacteria, etc.The way to clean with Emmi-dent is by holding the brush over three teeth or equivalent area of gums for about five to 10 seconds, then moving the brush and holding it again for five seconds over the next three teeth or gum area. Continue this procedure on all teeth on both the inside and outside.For more information, visit comment on this product, go to