Lollipop fights decay

July 13, 2011
Dr. John’s Candies announces results of herbal lollipop study.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan--Dr. John's Candies, a distributor of healthy, sugar -free products since 1995, has combined its fruit-flavored, sugar-free candy with a cavity-fighting herbal extract to offer Dr. John’s Candies Herbal Lollipops.

The lollipops help maintain healthy teeth for people at risk of cavities.

After years of testing dental specific herbs, microbiologists from the Department of Oral Biology at the UCLA School of Dentistry identified the specific herbal extract that temporarily inhibits the major organisms that cause tooth decay.

“Despite great advances, dental decay is one of the most common childhood diseases with more than half of children ages 5 to 9 having had at least one cavity or filling,” said Jed J. Jacobson, DDS, MS, MPH, chief science officer at Delta Dental.

The affiliated companies of Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Indiana funded clinical studies to determine if the sugarless lollipops containing licorice extract can reduce the bacteria that causes tooth decay in Head Start children.

“With these studies,” Dr. Jacobson said, “we hope to find simple, effective regimens that will encourage prevention and control of dental disease in nursing home residents and children.”

The Hygienist Behind Dr. John's Xylitol Candy

The European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recently published findings of the Head Start study, stating in the abstract ,“A potential for simple effective caries-prevention for high-risk children has been demonstrated.”

According to Dr. Bruinsma, “We believe the Herbal Lollipop presents a realistic and cost-effective approach for prevention of dental caries in high-risk populations. Dr. John’s Candies Herbal Lollipops are available in packs containing 20 lollipops. Simply consume one in the morning, and one in the evening, for 10 consecutive days. Repeat every three months.”

Dr. Bruinsma, and his wife, Debra, a dental hygienist, made national headlines in March 2008 when they launched their line of cavity-fighting herbal lollipops as seen on ABC’s Good Morning America.

In addition to the herbal lollipops, Dr. John’s offers a variety of sugar-free, gluten-free, tooth-friendly treats in several product lines. They include SimplyXylitol treats, Candies with Xylitol, and Original Sugar Free Candies.

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