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Kerr TotalCare extends PerfectPearl prophy angle line

Dec. 5, 2014
Kerr TotalCare extends PerfectPearl prophy angle line to include a second cup option, a brush, and new color choices.

Kerr TotalCarehas announced its new offerings from the PerfectPearl prophy angle line, including a second cup option, a brush, and versatile color combinations.

Designed with a hygienist’s needs in mind, the extended line of PerfectPearl contra disposable prophy angles was manufactured with the patented Hawe cup design. In addition to the interproximal access provided by the contra angle, the lip of the latex-free cup delivers a nice flare for optimal subgingival cleaning. The spiral grooves on the inside of the patented cup design holds the prophy paste and pushes it towards the tooth as the prophy angle rotates, reducing splatter. In turn, the spiral grooves on the outside of the cup allow the hygienist to use both the inside and the outside of the cup to polish, which helps increase efficiency and may decrease chairtime.

The comprehensive line of 12 additional new SKUs now includes disposable prophy angles in a sleek Midnight Series and an updated Classic Series, as well as a new brush offering an innovative look married with an innovative design.

With its long-standing benefits and newly extended line of advancements, PerfectPearl offers:

  • Maximum comfort: ergonomically-designed angle with beveled gears for low vibration and chatter for all-day comfort.
  • Exceptional interproximal access: contra angle design for easy stain removal.
  • Optimal flare: patented Hawe cup design.
  • Excellent subgingival cleaning: choice of soft or standard cups.
  • Reduced splatter: spiral grooves push paste towards teeth.
  • Perfect for orthodontic patients: contra prophy brush with pointed clear bristles that are tapered for better access.
  • Better visibility: small head design helps the hygienist to ensure s/he is polishing all parts of the patient’s teeth.

Learn more or try the product free at tryperfectpearl.com.

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