Waterpik Gelgrip Prophyangle

Water Pik Inc. introduces new line of Waterpik Gel-Grip disposable prophy angles

Oct. 14, 2014
New line of Waterpik Gel-Grip disposable prophy angles introduced.

Water Pik Inc. announced at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting last week the introduction of the Waterpik Gel-Grip disposable prophy angles, the first and only disposable prophy angles with soft grips for comfort and control.

The new Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles feature soft grips to reduce fatigue and soreness and produce tactile response for precision control. In addition, the Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles are designed with an optimum angle for better reach and access to posterior sites.

The one-of-a-kind Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles are available with a full line of Waterpik prophy cup designs, including soft and firm natural rubber, soft latex-free, the unique Waterpik Wizard soft cup and brush combination, and a tapered brush.

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“The new line of Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles is everything that the dental hygienist is looking for in a DPA”, says Mike Codd, professional oral health marketing manager at Water Pik Inc. “The Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angle has special grips for a soft and comfortable feel, while delivering the extra control needed to deliver the best cleaning and polishing possible. The best news is that the dental hygienist gets everything they want in a prophy angle at a fraction of the cost of traditional prophy angles.”

Five cup types of Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles are available through dental distributors in 200-count boxes for the natural rubber and latex-free cup versions and in 100-count boxes for the tapered brush style. Dental professionals can get a free Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angle trial pack by visiting professional.waterpik.com or by calling (800) 525-2020.

More information on all Waterpik Oral Health Products is available at waterpik.com.