Dentsply Fitgrip Fanned Es

Cavitron FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts unveiled

May 1, 2014
Inserts have ergonomically designed grip.

YORK, Pennsylvania--DENTSPLY Professional has introduced Cavitron FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts.

For dental professionals seeking improved comfort and performance, Cavitron inserts have an ergonomically designed grip. The one-piece design of FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts allows a hygienist’s fingers to conform naturally to the grip. A large grip diameter decreases muscle load and pinch force, and a rippled texture and shape lessen the chance of slipping during a procedure.

FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts are available in nine Cavitron 30K inserts, including Focused Spray slimLINE, PowerLINE, and THINsert. These Inserts offer customers a variety of preferred insert tips, such as the first thin insert, THINsert, and Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 triple bend with coined edge.

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