New tongue cleansing product debuts

Jan. 4, 2012
Dr. Fresh teams with Orabrush to help defeat bad breath.

BUENA PARK, California--Orazyme by Dr. Fresh--a complex of seven all-natural oral enzymes in a patent pending bioactive delivery system--is the featured ingredient in a new tongue cleansing product from the maker of the Orabrush.

Orabrush is known for its ability to clear the tongue of the food particles, debris and bacteria that are largely responsible for bad breath. According to Orabrush CEO, Jeff Davis, customers wanted a tongue “wash” to use in conjunction with the specialized brush. Neither toothpaste, which is too thick, nor mouthwash, which is too thin, and kills both bad and good bacteria, was the answer.

Instead, Orabrush teamed up with Orazyme by Dr. Fresh to create a product with the right consistency and ingredients to remain on the brush and be effective. A foam format of Orazyme, an enzymatic complex that kills bad breath-causing bacteria, was developed to meet these criteria.

Orazyme is also an ingredient in a mouth rinse of the same name created by Dr. Fresh to help alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth, or xerostomia, which occurs when saliva production is compromised. By selectively inhibiting bad bacteria, Orazyme restores moisture balance to the mouth, freshens breath, and improves overall oral health.

“We are pleased to partner with a like-minded company that values input from its fans, and shares our commitment to developing smart, effective oral care products in response,” said Daniel Enriquez, vice president of sales at Dr. Fresh, the maker of Orazyme.

Orabrush adds foam to complement tongue cleaner

Orabrush Tongue Foam powered by Orazyme can be purchased online at and The foam, which sells for $4.99, will be offered in 1.69-ounce, 60-use bottles.

The minty foam is also available in more than 900 stores and supercenters nationwide as part of an introductory promotion in which customers will be able to buy the tongue cleaner and get a free, full-size sample of Orabrush Tongue Foam Powered by Orazyme to try.

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