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Break-R-Way SoloVac

May 1, 2012
SoloVac can be used as a bite block/tongue retractor or be combined with suction.
Break-R-Way has introduced the SoloVac, a fifth hand for use by the dentist, hygienist, or assistant. SoloVac can be used as a bite block/tongue retractor, or it can be combined with suction. If connected to suction, SoloVac can be used either in saliva ejector mode or adapted to the high velocity evacuator. This gives the user control of hte degree of isolation.Related information, click here.The SoloVac can enhance success rates on technique-sensitive treatments such as endo, sealants, and composites. The product can be used in "one size fits all mode" or adjusted distally.For more information, visit

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