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Liquid Smile

Nov. 9, 2010
Product provides a teeth whitening procedure in comfort of one's home.
Liquid Smile is a choice for people who want a professional teeth-whitening procedure they can accomplish in the comfort of their home.A whitening by Liquid Smile helps get teeth whiter with a pain-free method. Liquid Smile's viscous proprietary gel formulation is the same as when the company launched its first whitening pen in 2003.Have the patient apply a thin layer just before bedtime. Patients should start to see results typically in two to three nights. They then continue to apply a thin layer just before bedtime for two weeks.It takes only a minute to apply. If patients can brush their teeth, they can also apply the take-home whitening product before bedtime.There is no strip or tray to wear. The thixotropic gel has 15 minutes of whitening action. The gel formula has a hydrogen peroxide base. It is three times stronger and works four times faster than carbamide peroxide-based gels. Liquid Smile is only available through the professional community. This includes general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, and pedodontists. A variety of marketing media is available to doctors for patient education, including display towers, patient brochures, appointment cards, and table-top stands.Liquid Smile also offers dentists an opportunity to bring whitening back to their offices. Less than 5% of whitening is done through dentists, primarily because of cost factors that drive patients to purchase less expensive and less effective whitening products at retail outlets.Liquid Smile believes that whitening should be done through the dentist, if not necessarily by the dentist. Patients can be offered a take-home alternative to chairside and custom tray whitening systems, and then return to the dentist for whitening.For more information, visit or call (888) 954-7843.To read more about teeth whitening, go to teeth whitening.To comment on this product, go to