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Crosstex face mask

Oct. 18, 2010
Customized fit may offer 100-fold greater protection for wearer.
HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex International, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. and a leading U.S. manufacturer of medical face masks, has announced launch of their newest generation of earloop medical face masks--the SecureFit series. Medical face masks, commonly referred to as "surgical masks," are often loose-fitting because of the wide variability of facial features of the wearers. With a patent-pending design, SecureFit earloop medical face masks enable wearers to quickly and easily adjust the mask for a more secure and customized fit.A recent study, published in the September 2010 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control quantified the ability of medical face masks to minimize the spread of infection in terms of NIOSH-defined simulated workplace protection factors. The study, entitled "Quantifying Exposure Risk and Mask Protection" (Keith Diaz, MD, and Gerald Smaldone, MD, PhD, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, N.Y.), found that a tighter-fitting mask may offer more than 100-fold greater infection control benefit than standard, loose-fitting masks."SecureFit masks enable all wearers to achieve a greater level of protection through a novel, custom-fit design," said Andrew Whitehead, vice president of sales & marketing. "Medical face masks are critical FDA-cleared medical devices intended to prevent infection, but they are only as good as their fit. A loose or poorly fitted mask roles out a red carpet for infectious particles to bypass the mask. SecureFit is a great addition to our MaskEnomics system because it provides yet another option for dental and medical professionals to use the right mask for the right task."SecureFit masks are available in all three ASTM performance (fluid resistance/filtration) classifications: SecureFit Isofluid-ASTM Low Performance, SecureFit Procedural-ASTM Moderate Performance, and SecureFit Ultra-ASTM High Performance.For more information, contact Crosstex at (631) 582-6777 or visit read more about Crosstex, go to Crosstex.To comment on this product, go to