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Arm & Hammer whitening booster

April 23, 2010
Whitening Booster 3X and Whitening Booster Plus Enamel Strengthening added to  Church & Dwight's product line.
PRINCETON, New Jersey--In 2010, Church & Dwight, the makers of ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster, has introduced Whitening Booster 3X and Whitening Booster Plus Enamel Strengthening to the product line. Designed for consumers who want safe, effective whitening without an extra step, ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster can be applied on top of fluoride toothpaste and used during normal brushing.New ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster 3X delivers 3X more whitening agent than a leading strip, and it’s clinically proven to get teeth up to four shades whiter. Plus, at a fraction of the cost of whitening strips and trays, ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster gives consumers an easy, affordable way to whiten teeth.New ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster Plus Enamel Strengthening contains a peroxide formula with ACP technology for daily whitening. When added to a fluoride toothpaste, Whitening Booster plus Enamel Strengthening strengthens enamel with daily use.For more information and special professional pricing, visit or call (800) 447-6666.To read more about ARM & HAMMER, go to comment on this product, go to available from company upon request.