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ToothShower offers three types of teeth cleaning while you're in the shower

Nov. 7, 2017
ToothShower is a new dental product that installs in your shower and has three types of cleaning devices.

Want a new way to skip traditional flossing and brush your teeth . . . while in the shower? ToothShower installs in your shower and uses water to clean teeth surfaces. ToothShower has a base that attaches to the shower wall and three different attachments for oral care: a dual-headed toothbrush, an irrigating tip, and a gum massager.

The dual-headed toothbrush hits all tooth surfaces. The irrigating tip flushes water between teeth like a water flosser, but without a mess to clean up. The gum massager works with seven jets of water to stimulate blood flow in the gums in order to prevent and heal gum disease.

Lisa Guenst, a dental hygienist of 25 years, created ToothShower to provide a better oral health care solution based on years of information gained from patients.

“I knew there had to be a better more effective method of care that also eliminated some of the hassle of using water flossers and other methods,” says Guenst. “ToothShower is not only extremely effective at cleaning teeth and gums, it’s right in the shower so there’s no mess, no batteries and no refilling. Users can even add in mouthwash or tooth whitener for an even fresher feeling.”

ToothShower has a one-time installation. Users attach the wall plate with a waterproof adhesive, lock the console onto the plate, attach the valve to the showerhead, and connect the ToothShower to the valve. The user can control both the water pressure and the temperature to their comfort.

To learn more, visit ToothShower on KickStarter.

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