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Hu-Friedy launches new powder for Air-Flow Therapy system

July 24, 2018
As part of its alliance with Electro Medical Systems (EMS), Hu-Friedy has introduced Air-Flow Plus Powder, an air polishing powder designed for use with the Air-Flow Therapy system.

Hu-Friedy has announced the release of a new product as a part of its strategic alliance with Electro Medical Systems (EMS). Air-Flow Plus Powder, designed for use with the Air-Flow Therapy system, gently and effectively removes biofilm from delicate surfaces while also efficiently eliminating light to moderate stains.

Dental professionals are increasingly turning to Air-Flow Therapy in place of traditional approaches to prophylaxis. Its unique combination of air and water pressure delivers a controlled stream that efficiently removes stains and biofilm without damaging tissue, enamel, or implants.

The release of Air-Flow Plus powder gives the Air-Flow Therapy system an even broader range of applications. This is because of the unique makeup of the powder. Made from erythritol, a harder material that ensures more efficient stain removal, Air-Flow Plus is the first high-tech powder in the market that removes biofilm in a minimally invasive way. The small 14-micron particle size also makes it suitable for all types of surfaces, including enamel, dentin, soft tissue, restorations, orthodontic appliances, and implant surfaces.

The new Air-Flow Plus Powder allows dentists to provide fast and efficient care to patients. This delivers a more pleasant experience, which helps with patient retention while also giving dental professionals extra time to educate patients, discuss treatment plans, and provide additional billable services.

“The Air-Flow Plus Powder has already seen several years of proven success in Europe, and we’re thrilled to be able to introduce it in North America as well. It’s the natural next step in the evolution of Air-Flow Therapy,” explained Jennifer Naylor, executive vice president at Hu-Friedy. “This is how we manifest our 100-year-plus commitment to driving technological progress in dentistry to help clinicians treat their patients more effectively and efficiently.”

With the added versatility of the new powder, Air-Flow Therapy offers hygienists, dentists, and specialists another way to perform everyday procedures on their patients, including complete biofilm removal, stain removal, polishing, and effective cleaning before caries detection, fluoride application, and bleaching.

Additionally, Air-Flow is as comfortable for practitioners as it is for patients. Its sleek, lightweight handpieces were designed with a team of ergonomics experts to enable easier grip, rotation, and view of the treatment area. Current Air-Flow users will discover the new Plus powder makes their investment pay off better than before, with happier patients and quicker procedures.

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