One-hour at-home tooth whitening light system available

March 5, 2008
LUSTER can whiten up to six shades in one hour.

From Dentovations, a supplier of private label tooth whitening products, comes LUSTER.

LUSTER is the at-home tooth whitening system that can whiten up to six shades in one hour.

This dentist-invented system consists of three components that work synergistically to revitalize smiles:

Step 1: Rinse with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, which will enhance the efficacy of the professional strength whitening gel

Step 2: Brush on the Super Whitening Gel, the same whitening agent used by dentists during professional treatments

Step 3: Apply the Activating Whitening Light (similar to technology used in dental offices). The Light, which has a two-minute automatic timer, will stimulate the photo-activator in the gel

Simply repeat this three-step process about 10 to 20 times for best results. It should not take more than one hour (you can be finished in as little as 30 minutes). Results are 100% guaranteed.

LUSTER is FDA cleared. The LUSTER patented Whitening Gel formula does not use the harsh chemicals that typically cause sensitivity. LUSTER's patented technology offers improvements to current in-office light whitening systems because it can achieve similar results with less concentration of the oxidizing agent (peroxide) and less intensity of the light source.

This is accomplished through a patented "resin formula," Super Whitening Gel, and a "rinse formula," the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, which significantly enhances the efficacy of the whitening process.

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