Tooth Tunes Junior and Turbo Tooth Tunes introduced

Feb. 25, 2008
Tooth Tunes continues to innovate in the oral care aisle.

PAWTUCKET, Rhode Island--Tooth Tunes from Tiger Electronics pairs music from some of today's hottest stars with proprietary technology.

The technology encourages people of all ages to brush for two minutes--the amount of time generally recommended by dentists. With two new introductions into the line this year, including improved sound technology and preschooler-friendly toothbrushes, the Tooth Tunes brand is positioned to enjoy continued strong success.

"The debut of our Tooth Tunes musical toothbrush literally 'rocked' the oral care industry," said Jeff Jackson, vice president of marketing, Tiger Electronics. "With the introduction of new and improved sound technology and a new toothbrush appropriate for preschoolers our Tooth Tunes brand has officially become a major player in the oral care aisle."

"As the mom of two preschoolers, I know that it's not easy to get little ones to brush their teeth," said Keri DeAngelis, director of marketing, Tiger Electronics. "It's important to establish good brushing habits at an early age and Tooth Tunes Junior is a great motivator for kids. With music and encouraging phrases, preschoolers will have fun and look forward to brushing their teeth … and parents will enjoy watching their kids develop good oral hygiene routines."

Specially designed for little hands and mouths, the Tooth Tunes Junior toothbrush is aimed for young children with their first teeth. Each Tooth Tunes Junior toothbrush is edited with one minute of preschool-friendly music and encouraging phrases to motivate and congratulate little ones while they brush.

Children will hear one motivational phrase as they begin to brush their teeth, another phrase in the middle of the cycle to encourage them to keep going, and one phrase at the end to reward them for brushing. This Talk-to-Me technology is combined with Tooth Tunes proprietary technology which transmits sound and music vibrations from the bristles through the teeth to the inner ear so kids hear the music and phrases in their head.

The Tooth Tunes Junior assortment includes: exclusive songs such as 'If You're Happy and You Know It, Brush Your Teeth;" popular Walt Disney songs including "Bear Necessities," from The Jungle Book and "Hakuna Matata," and "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from The Lion King; theme music from the popular Transformers and My Little Pony brands.

Making its debut this fall, the Tooth Tunes Junior (ages 3 years and up) toothbrush will be available in the tooth brush aisle for an approximate retail price of $9.99.

With the introduction of the Turbo Tooth Tunes toothbrush this spring, kids will enjoy a two-minute musical tooth brushing experience delivered in an all new and exciting way.

All toothbrushes in the TurboTooth Tunes collection feature new and improved sound technology that's better than ever. The Turbo Tooth Tunes collection encourages two minutes of brushing--the amount of time generally recommended by dentists.

Tooth Tunes toothbrushes feature patented Denta-Mandibular Sound Transmission technology which transmits songs and music vibrations from the bristles, through the teeth, to the inner ear. Users hear two minutes of the hottest music from some of today's biggest stars which keeps them brushing.

The Turbo Tooth Tunes collection includes an outstanding library of content including new titles from High School Musical 2, Miley Cyrus as "Hannah Montana," Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers and Aly & AJ.

In addition, the brand will introduce special edition brushes that feature exclusive Tooth Tunes 'remixes' including "Brush It," recorded by Devo, and "Waking Up Is Hard To Do," recorded by Neil Sedaka.

Tooth Tunes 'greatest hits' will still be available including Black Eyed Peas, Kiss, Queen, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus as "Hannah Montana," High School Musical, and more. The Tooth Tunes Turbo toothbrush (ages 6 and up) will be available in March when toothbrushes are sold for an approximate retail price of $9.99.

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