Natural mouth rinse featues FDA labeling for antiseptic oral care

Jan. 7, 2010
New rinse formula joins Natural Dentist's line of natural oral-care products.

MEDFORD, Massachusetts--Natural Dentist has announced an addition to its selection of mouth rinses: The Natural Dentist Antiseptic Mouth Rinse, available in a cool mint flavor.

The new mouth rinse carries the over-the-counter drug label for its antiseptic properties.

With menthol as its active ingredient, the new rinse is formulated to kill germs, keep the mouth clean, and provide long-lasting breath freshening--without alcohol or artificial ingredients.

The rinse will be available in drug and grocery stores nationwide in January 2010 for a suggested retail price of $6.99.

"At The Natural Dentist, our first priority is providing customers with a selection of oral care products that are natural and effective," said Kristine Schreiber, director of brand marketing, Natural Dentist. "The addition of our antiseptic mouth rinse confirms our position as the mouth rinse leader in the natural oral care industry."

In addition to the new rinse, the Natural Dentist boasts a line of five other mouth rinses, and a collection of natural toothpastes. The Natural Dentist is a company that develops and distributes a line of oral-care products formulated with scientific blends of natural ingredients.

Natural Dentist's products are made without the use of alcohol, dyes, harsh chemicals and detergents, or artificial ingredients. Each product contains natural active ingredients, as well as powerful herbal blends that are safe and gentle.

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