Digital sensor holder simplifies X-ray process

July 20, 2005
DENTSPLY RINN's Eezee-Grip saves time on digital radiographs.

Digital X-rays are a "snap" with the Eezee-Grip Digital Sensor Holder from RINN.

Introducing a new way to save time on digital radiographs. The Eezee-Grip Digital Sensor Holder is a revolutionary instrument designed to accurately position just about any digital sensor quickly and easily.

* Simply insert the sensor, squeeze, and you're ready to go
* Patented flexible grips for patient comfort
* For anterior and posterior radiographs, including the third-molar region
* Universal � accommodates most popular sensor brands
* Steam autoclavable for patient protection
* Stock number 55-0293, 1 per package

For more information on the new Eezee-Grip Digital Sensor Holder, please contact RINN at (800) 323-0970.