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SmileSim introduces dental simulation service for communicating treatment plans

May 10, 2018
SmileSim is a dental simulation service that helps dentists communicate the goals of comprehensive and cosmetic treatment plans to their patients in order to improve case acceptance.
Gaining case acceptance is no easy feat, especially when it involves communicating cosmetic or comprehensive treatment plans. Gathering materials to present treatment often depends on outside resources with significant lead time and costs that can cut into workflow and that often don’t make the patient’s decision any easier.

SmileSim is a dental simulation service used to quickly show patients the clinician’s expected results of high-value dental treatment. According to the manufacturer, SmileSim has shown increased case acceptance of 48% on high-value cases since its official launch in January 2017.

“We are extremely excited about how quickly our simulation service is catching on across the country,” said Scott Dudley, SmileSim CEO. “Initially, we set out to prove patients would consistently be more willing to accept treatment if they could see what their new smile or comprehensive treatment would look like on themselves beforehand. We have done exactly that. SmileSim allows patients to confidently take preemptive action toward improving their smiles and oral health. We empower doctors with the ability to show their patients the stark contrast between their current dental state and the results of their recommended improvements. Considering SmileSim's one-hour turnaround time, high-quality custom simulations, and availability at under $70 per simulation, we feel strongly that no competitor or product comes close to improving case acceptance like SmileSim.”

"SmileSim allows patients to confidently take preemptive action toward improving their smiles and oral health."

SmileSim displays the value of dentistry to patients by contrasting a "before" photo with an "after" simulation. It was designed by a dentist to maximize high-value case acceptance in the shortest possible time and for the lowest cost. SmileSim generates custom simulations in less than one hour and at a price point under $70.

SmileSim works within any practice’s workflow to take the guesswork, cost, and time out of cosmetic and comprehensive treatment planning. A dentist or staff member can take and upload a patient photo, fill out a short treatment plan description, and in less than one hour, receive a finished simulation contrasting the difference.

According to the manufacturer, nearly 50% of patients accept treatment plans they otherwise would not accept when they can see and understand the difference given a side-by-side comparison. Moreover, labs and other providers can reference SmileSim so that all members of the dental team can be on the same page. SmileSim is not in-office software; it’s a valuable online service that provides custom simulations of treatment plans by professional digital artists.

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