Modern Bone Grafting & Alveolar Ridge Preservation

Nov. 30, 2007
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Originally Broadcast: May 28, 2007
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Length: Approximately 20 minutes
Joseph A. Blaes, DDS, Editor, Dental Economics


As the second most transplanted human tissue, bone grafting has become a very hot dental topic in the last few years. Traditionally, a true "bone graft" involved a surgical procedure that required the placement of the patient's own bone (from a secondary site), or a bone substitute material into a defect to replace missing bone. These techniques are still utilized, but there are also many new materials that are make grafting easier while maintaining predictability. This course, Modern Bone Grafting & Alveolar Ridge Preservation, will discuss the clinical significance for grafts and preservation of the alveolar ridge. Different types of bone grafts will be identified, as well as the benefits/risks of each, and current products available on the market. Two clinical applications are previewed.