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HVESolo disposable evacuation tip

Palmero Healthcare introduces trio of safety-focused products

Oct. 14, 2020
Palmero Healthcare has introduced the ProVision Secure Safety Eyewear with Strap, the HVESolo disposable evacuation tip, and a hand sanitizer to protect health-care professionals and their patients from microbes and airborne pathogens.

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Palmero Healthcare (Stratford, Conn.), a member of HuFriedyGroup (Chicago, Ill.), has announced the release of three new products designed to protect health-care professionals and their patients from microbes and airborne pathogens.

A new foaming hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds, while the new ProVision Secure Safety Eyewear with Strap eliminates any gap between the eyewear and the face. The products join the recently released Palmero HVESolo disposable evacuation tip as a trio of safety-oriented products to help practices with affordable infection prevention.

“The best way to combat the spread of microbes, viruses, and diseases is still prevention, and prevention starts with protection,” says Palmero President Karen Neiner. “This trio of safety-focused products will give practices the peace of mind that comes knowing we are in this together and all doing our part to keep everyone protected.”

The Palmero hand sanitizer is based on a proprietary foaming formula that contains 62% ethyl alcohol in a pump dispenser to deliver antimicrobial efficacy in smaller measured dosages.

The ProVision Secure Safety Eyewear provides the wearer distortion-free, anti-fog, and anti-static lenses for superior peripheral vision and protection. The unique vent design at the top and the bottom of the foam insulation helps provide a comfortable experience while providing protection from spray, splatter, and splashes with hazardous pathogens.

“Our new hand sanitizer delivers the same antimicrobial efficacy in a foaming formulation that provides an economic, consistent, and efficient delivery," says Neiner. "Our ProVision Safety Eyewear offers an affordable, effective way to meet the most current personal protective equipment guidelines. Plus, our recently released HVESolo disposable evacuation tip allows for clinicians to more efficiently use high volume evacuation without an assistant to reduce aerosols. These products offer practices an affordable way to maintain their clinical safety and practice integrity.”

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Editor's note: This article is an edited version of a press release issued by Palmero Healthcare on September 24, 2020.