New studies prove effectiveness of toothbrush sanitizing

Oct. 16, 2006
Dental community embraces toothbrush sanitizers.

ELMSFORD, New York--After months of rigorous testing, studies, and surveys among dental health professionals, a unique line of health products called the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizers is being embraced by many dentists and dental hygienists nationwide.

The VIOlight Countertop and VIOlight Personal Travel Toothbrush Sanitizers were created to address the growing problem of harmful germs and bacteria found on toothbrushes. In fact, in September 2000, the U.S. Surgeon General released a report directly linking oral hygiene to general health. The findings concluded that a single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms that translate into harmful bacteria--bacteria that thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom.

For two years the VIOlight products have been enhancing oral hygiene and good health habits by use of a specialized Germicidal Ultraviolet bulb--the same technology used in hospitals to eliminate germs and bacteria. The VIOlight's UV bulb has been laboratory tested and has been proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs it comes into contact with on a toothbrush, safeguarding consumers from harmful bacteria and cross contamination.

Now, the professional dental community is embracing these easy-to-use, health-conscious products after several studies put the VIOlight sanitizers through various tests and industry surveys. At the recent Greater New York Dental Meeting in Manhattan, New York, nearly one-thousand dentists and hygienists were surveyed and an overwhelming number of these professionals would recommend VIOlight to their patients. As VIOlight begins to market their sanitizers to dental offices, a majority of survey respondents also indicated that they would definitely carry VIOlight products in their offices.

Dr. David Schwartz, DDS, sells VIOlight products at his practice in Great Neck, NY, and uses the product at home with his own family. "We wouldn't consider using a dirty fork or spoon, yet we have blinded ourselves into thinking it is acceptable to use unsanitized, germ-laden toothbrushes daily." Schwartz also likes the ease-of-use of the VIOlight, since there are no extra steps or new habits to learn. "

Teaching patients to change their daily routine is a challenge, but with VIOlight they just brush, rinse, and sanitize with the push of a button. The user-friendliness is a key reason that VIOlight is so successful and a favorite among dental professionals." Another study, just completed by the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, part of the New York University College of Dentistry, also proves VIOlight's effectiveness. Bluestone is the largest dental-school based product-investigation facility in the United States.

Their recent study reports: "VIOlight demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in total bacterial load, compared to untreated toothbrushes rinsed with water. The data demonstrates that use of the VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer can effectively reduce bacterial loads on toothbrushes when used in 'field' conditions of ordinary household bathrooms, by typical product users."

The VIOlight Counter Unit retails for $49.95, and the VIOlight Personal Travel Sanitizer is available for $29.95. They are both currently available online through