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Nov. 9, 2011
"Diode Laser Soft Tissue Surgery for Laser Dentist: Volumes 1-3" is a set of laser surgery manuals for use by laser dentists.
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana--AMD LASERS, a leader in dental laser technology and dental laser education, has announced immediate availability of "Diode Laser Soft Tissue Surgery for Laser Dentist: Volumes 1-3," a set of laser surgery manuals for use by laser dentists."Diode Laser Soft Tissue Surgery for Laser Dentist: Volumes 1-3" was written by long-time dental laser educator Dr. Philip Hudson. The set includes specific settings, insurance narratives, and step-by-step instructions for 161 clinical procedures based on 53 FDA-cleared indications for use. “There are two common barriers that cause most dentists to avoid buying a laser,” said Alan Miller, president and founder of AMD LASERS. "One is the price point--something that AMD LASERS has already solved with our affordably priced Picasso laser lin--and the other is the need for accessible education for new laser owners. These manuals are ideal for new Picasso laser dentists. With the addition of these manuals, AMD LASERS continues its commitment to providing world-class educational solutions, making it easier and more accessible for clinicians to get trained in laser dentistry in the medium that works for them," added Miller.AMD LASERS to present at Russian Dental Expo 2011The three-volume set totals more than 700 pages and is organized by each procedure’s American Dental Association CDT-3 code. Each of the 161 procedures in the manual includes a description of the treatment, indications, operating protocol with settings, detailed step-by-step photography, and tips for billing and completing insurance forms. “I am very happy to offer AMD LASERS the exclusive opportunity to offer these manuals to laser users around the world,” said Dr. Hudson, a 30-year veteran of laser dentistry and an instructor for the Masters of Laser Dentistry educational series for the International Center for Laser Education.""This company has an unmatched focus on providing comprehensive education to their customers, and I am proud to include these manuals for that purpose."AMD LASERS has pioneered other forms of learning for new laser dentists, including an iPad app for laser dentistry, DVD-based training included with the purchase of lasers, a series of live CE events, and various other education formats."Diode Laser Soft Tissue Surgery: Volumes 1-3" is available for $695 at the AMD LASERS store at or by phone at (866) 999-2635. Discounts are available for Picasso customers or dentists who purchase Picasso laser technology for the first time.To comment on this product, go to