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Nov. 14, 2011
Global dental technology company to add Pearly White Smile to series of dental products.

WELLINGTON, Florida--Dental technology provider DC International has announced Pearly White Smile, a proven laser tooth-whitening gel.

There’s a growing interest and demand among patients and dentists for laser bleaching. Professionals in the dental industry agree that bleaching is a modern and gentle method for giving teeth a white appearance.

With that in mind, DC International’s executives offer Pearly White Smile--a laser whitening gel brand that was developed in Vienna, Austria, and manufactured in Germany.

“Our commitment is to provide dentists worldwide with the best products in the market, and we are delighted to start selling the most advanced laser whitening gel,” said David Boëgler, vice president at DC International. ”Laser experts understand the evolving laser technology, and the diode lasers are well-known for revolutionizing the practice of dentistry for any cosmetic procedures including tooth whitening.”

DC International offers dentists advanced diode laser technology

The effectiveness of the Pearly White Smile gel is activated by the 980-nm wavelength of the laser. The bleaching process is fast (30s laser activation per quadrant with 7 watts) with the Einstein DL soft-tissue diode laser (also distributed by DC International).

Patients can experience minimal sensitivity and enamel damage, thanks to the combination of a neutral pH, low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, TiO2, and 980-nm wavelength of Einstein DL.

Dentists worldwide can order the product online or by caling (888) 472-4807.

For additional information visit www.dcinter.com.

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