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Discus SL3

Feb. 16, 2011
Desktop, soft-tissue diode laser brings together high-end features, quality, and affordability.
CULVER CITY, California--Discus Dental, a Philips company, has announced release of SL3.To read more about Discus, go to Discus.The SL3 is a desktop diode laser that offers multiple high-end features at an entry-level price. Engineered by the same innovators of the NV Microlaser, SL3 delivers a feature set, advanced portability and convenience, and an eight-CE credit, laser certification course at no additional cost.“SL3 is in direct response to the input we’ve gathered from customers in one on one discussions, as well as formal research," said Frank McGillin, general manager of Discus Dental. "The combination of features, the user interface, and the price point are all the result of working with customers through the design and development process. We are very proud to bring this product to market.”The SL3 offers the following features:• Disposable fiber-tips that help eliminate the need to strip and score fiber before each use• Cordless mobility between operatories with long-lasting battery operation• A wireless foot pedal for convenient laser activation without the finger fatigue and loss of dexterity/visibility associated with finger-activated lasers• Full-color LCD touch screen interface with 18 general dentistry and orthodontic presettings“The SL3 represents the best balance of affordability and convenience available today,” said Dr. Michael Miyasaki, vice president of professional relations and advanced education at Discus."If you’ve been considering a laser, knowing you have the training support of Discus and American-made quality, takes away the worries. In addition to benefitting from so many advanced features at a lower cost, the SL3 product support makes this laser the smartest choice for your practice.”For more information, visit or contact Discus customer service at (800) 422-9448.To comment on this product, go to