DC International launches redesigned soft diode laser

Aug. 24, 2012
Dental company uses feedback from dentists worldwide forthe DCLase 980nm 7 watts laser.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida--Dental technology provider DC International has announced DCLase, a redesign of the diode laser Einstein DL.

DCLase is designed to suit the needs of dental professionals.

Enhanced DCLase features include:

· New modern color
· Improved colored touch screen
· User-friendly software with extra displayed features (energy level, fully customizable procedures)
· Up-to-date technology
· Clinical results
· New permanent fiber delivery system with disposable tips
· Practical laser therapy hand piece

Benefits of DCLase include:

· Easy portable device to install and ready to use (plug and play)
· Procedures are now easier and cleaner (hemostasis)
· Safe
· Reduced healing time and charring of tissue
· Power to deal with fibrous tissues

For additional information, visit www.dcinter.com or call DC International’s toll free number at (888) 472-4807 or (561) 337-8888.

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