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Dream team: 3M Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive and 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement in the selfsealing syringe, plus 3M RelyX Universal Micro Mixing Tip and the thin, long and flexible elongation tip for easy cement application into the root canal.

3M presents universal 2-component system for all direct and indirect bonding applications

Dec. 4, 2020
The two components cover virtually every self-adhesive and adhesive dual-cure resin cement indication as well as all direct adhesive cases.

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What if two components were all you needed to cover virtually every self-adhesive and adhesive dual-cure resin cement indication as well as all direct adhesive cases? This wish comes true with the launch of 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement and 3M Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive in December 2020.

When used alone, RelyX Universal Resin Cement works as a self-adhesive resin cement with outstanding bond strength reliably solving routine cases with maximized efficiency. Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive is the first radiopaque, all-in-one universal adhesive. It serves as a universal primer for all materials including glass ceramics and further boosts bond strength of RelyX Universal Resin Cement for demanding adhesive resin cement cases. As a fully aligned system, the adhesive is initiated and cured by RelyX Universal Resin Cement, thus saving the light-cure step.

These features reduce procedure steps and the number of required components to two, eliminating the hassle and confusion associated with the use of different resin cements, adhesives, and primers, reducing stock and saving time, space, and money.

The new universal resin cement comes in an innovative 3M RelyX Universal Automix Syringe. Due to its proprietary self-sealing design, it can be cleaned easily and stored without the used Micro Mixing Tip for better hygiene. Being smaller than currently available standard automix systems, the ergonomic syringe delivers the usual number of applications with half the plastic waste. The unique mixing tip design is responsible for an 80% reduction of cement waste per application compared to the standard mixing tips.

“At 3M, we recognize the importance of simplifying procedures to help dentists cut down on steps and eliminating some of the challenges that can arise on a daily basis,” said Eric Wenzel, USAC Area Leader, 3M Oral Care Solutions Division. “The new two component system with RelyX Universal Resin Cement and Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive streamlines direct and indirect restorative workflows—increasing efficiency and adding more time back into the day.”

Other benefits of RelyX Universal Resin Cement are related to the development of a unique initiator system and new filler architecture. Thanks to the new initiator system, excess outflow can be easily removed after tack curing. Moreover, it ensures that a high bond strength is developed independent of the selected curing mode (self-cure or light-cure). The new fillers offer a radiopacity higher than that of enamel, which facilitates identification of the cement layer and possible excess material on x-rays.

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Editor's note: This article is a press release from 3M Oral Care issued December 1, 2020.