3M ESPE RelyX luting

Oct. 12, 2011
Benefits of RelyX Luting Plus include convenient Automix dispensing system and new tack light cure option.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE has introduced RelyX Luting Plus Automix Cement with easier and more precise delivery through a self-mixing syringe dispensing system. The lightweight Automix syringe is sized for easy handling, allowing flexible dosing so the right amount of material can be dispensed for cases with a consistent paste-paste ratio.Offering time-saving advantages, RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement is a Resin Modified Glass Ionomer cement that offers fast cleanup with a new tack light cure option. Dental professionals can help speed up the gel state by light curing excess cement for about five seconds per surface with a conventional light-curing device for faster removal of excess cement. Alternately, the material can be allowed to self-cure and will come to the gel phase after two minutes once it has been seated in the mouth. Once RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement reaches a gel state, it can easily be removed in large sections from the margins with a suitable instrument. Additionally, RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement provides sustained fluoride release for use with caries-prone patients. With its improved formula and convenient new Automix delivery, RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement can be used daily for PFMs, zirconia, and metal and pediatric crowns.“RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement is the perfect addition to the RelyX family, providing another level of convenience with the syringe dispenser,” said Tim McGlynn, marketing manager for 3M ESPE. “Combine ease of dispensing with the new tack light cure option, and dental professionals are really going to see time savings.” RelyX Unicem 2 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement expands delivery optionsThe new delivery system further enhances the benefits of RelyX Luting Plus cement in the Clicker Dispenser, clinically proven mechanical properties with easy handling. Similar to the original, RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement also provides molecular bonding to the tooth surface without the use of a separate tooth conditioner, and offers virtually no postoperative sensitivity. RelyX Luting Plus Automix cement offers the convenience of a self-mixing syringe delivery system. Helping ensure that a comfortable solution is available for dental professionals, RelyX Luting Plus will continue to be available in the Clicker dispenser.For more information, visit www.3MESPE.com/RelyX or call 3M ESPE customer care at (800)-634-2249.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.