Water dispenser and water-liquid dispenser launched

Feb. 22, 2007
Whip Mix introduces AquaSpense and AquaSpense SL products.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky--Whip Mix has introduced two Lean Advantage products.

One is AquaSpense, a water dispenser. The other is AquaSpense SL, a water and liquid dispenser.

Designed to minimize the possibility of human error, AquaSpense ensures proper water/gypsum powder ratios by automatically calculating the powder weight and then accurately dispensing the correct amount of water.

Automating the process creates more predictable working times, expansion, set times, and hardness; the result is less re-makes and increased profits. The unit, which comes with a three-year warranty (U.S. and Canada), is programmable for up to 15 various gypsums, allowing the user the flexibility needed to standardize lab processes and ensure optimal product performance and results.

Also available is the AquaSpense SL, water & special liquid dispenser. The AquaSpense SL unit dispenses both water and special liquid for your investing needs.

By eliminating operator error when calculating water-to-liquid ratios and the variability of pre-weighed powder, the results are consistent casting sizes with less finishing time. With predictable and accurate results that save time and money, AquaSpense SL has a three-year warranty (U.S. and Canada).

For more information on the AquaSpense products, call (502) 637-1451 or visit the company's Web site at www.whipmix.com.