Dentist wins milling cabinet in nationwide contest

Jan. 13, 2006
Dr. Norman Beesley, from Reno, Nev., recently won a new full-size CEREC Milling Cabinet during contest for current CEREC Service Club members.

Dr. Norman Beesley, who practices in Reno, Nev., recently won a new full-size CEREC Milling Cabinet, valued at $2995, during a nationwide contest for current CEREC Service Club members.

To enter, club members simply logged on at, and answered five questions on the recent launch of the R2005 software upgrade to the CEREC 3D System.

All applicants with correct entries became eligible to win. Only one entry from among all the correct entries was chosen at random to win the Sirona CEREC Milling Cabinet.

"We are very pleased with the number of entries we had received," said Michael Dunn, marketing and public relations manager for Sirona's CEREC Division.

The sleek CEREC Milling Cabinet is designed to increase work space and reduce noise. The cabinet also features self-retracting drawers with insets for organizing all the necessary CEREC materials.

"This is great because the prize that they were offering enhanced a product that I have been using for two years," said Dr. Beesley, whose practice is equipped with the CEREC 3D System. "It is an impressively esthetic milling cabinet."

"Dr. Beesley has been a long-time CEREC user and we are excited that he won," said Dunn. "He is a truly enthusiastic and devoted supporter of the CEREC System."

Dr. Beesley is thrilled with his grand prize.

"I use the cabinet almost every day. It keeps me well organized and saves me time from running around trying to find what I need." In addition, all correctly answered entries received a special consolation prize.