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DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com launches to help dentists evaluate, purchase, and implement dental software and electronic records systems

March 21, 2013
DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com was recently launched as the dental industry's first objective online resource dedicated to new generation dental software solutions including electronic dental records (EDR) and electronic health records (EHR).

Issaquah, WA – March 21th, 2013 – DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com was recently launched as the dental industry's first objective online resource dedicated to new generation dental software solutions including electronic dental records (EDR) and electronic health records (EHR). A quick site tour is available via an introductory video.

The architect of the site is Mike Uretz, a 30 year healthcare software veteran who for the past decade, specialized in helping individual practices, multi-clinic groups, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), and hospitals successfully evaluate software, structure contracts, manage vendor issues, and implement solutions. A nationally-known healthcare software speaker and educator, Uretz also serves as DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com's Executive Director.

Why is Uretz focusing on helping the dental industry? “Next generation dental software is becoming become much more sophisticated and complex with the explosive growth of new technologies and capabilities,” explains Uretz. “I saw a need for an objective online resource to help dentists navigate through this confusing maze of information, and provide guidance and recommendation in the selection, purchase and implementation of these technologies.”

Whether a dentist chooses to upgrade to newer generation software offerings from their present vendor or decides to purchase software from an alternative vendor, DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com can be a valuable resource.

In EHR, the "H" may very well stand for hygienist
From RDH magazine: The advent of electronic dental records

At the core of DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com, is its “Knowledge Base Engine,” a robust search tool that enables site visitors to search relevant case studies, articles, and surveys published about dental software and electronic health records.

The Knowledge Base is unique because it is searchable by categories and filters out the irrelevant results that often turn up in a typical Google search. It also provides article abstracts and “lessons learned” summaries. “Dental professionals can gain a wealth of useful information without wasting their valuable time,” says Uretz.

Other unique features of DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com are the following:

  • Selection, Purchase, and Implementation Checklists: Based on over a decade of use with practices, these checklists give a roadmap, including recommendations, of detailed steps necessary for successful software selection, contract review, product implementation and vendor management
  • What's the Buzz: Industry news and commentary regarding software-related topics, trends, and issues.
  • Insider Tip of the Week: This where industry experts share their experience and insight on how dentists can avoid making mistakes when selecting, purchasing and implementing their software solutions.
  • Meaningful Use Watch: Your source for the most current and relevant information on this misunderstood EHR federal incentive program, including information for dentists on how to take advantage of the reimbursement dollars available .
  • Grants & Funding: Real time access to a national database of grants and funding opportunities, including information on who to contact, timelines, and how to obtain the funds.
  • Press Room: Online archive of published articles and columns.
  • Vendor Hub: A resource for anyone seeking dental software and IT services. This section includes product overviews, case studies, videos, quick links to compare offerings and much more.

Uretz adds that it's time for the dental industry to pay full attention to the advent of new generation software technologies, including more sophisticated clinical and electronic records systems. The recognition of the need for practice efficiencies, the oral systemic connection, the introduction of diagnostic coding models, and the need to share information more efficiently between general practitioner and specialist are driving these newer software models “It's on the horizon, approaching rapidly, and it's in the best interest of all dental professionals to become educated and prepared to ensure a successful implementation.”

The dental industry is currently where the medical industry was ten years ago in the adoption of new practice management and clinical software technologies. During the past decade, there were best practices established, and many lessons learned. According to Uretz. “Dentistry can avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by medical practices. Dentists actually have an advantage.”

About DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com
Designed to be an objective online resource free of vendor bias, DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com can assist dental professionals in the process of new generation dental software, electronic dental records, and electronic health records selection, acquisition, implementation, and operation . For more information, please view the introductory video. The site is the vision of Mike Uretz, a 30-year IT veteran and nationally-recognized expert in healthcare software and electronic health records who frequently writes and lectures on the topic. Contact Mike to speak at your event or meeting, at [email protected] or 425-434-7102.