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Imaging Sciences Tx Studio

Feb. 23, 2012
Tx STUDIO 3D planning software integrates with the i-CAT cone beam 3-D systems for effective diagnosis and treatment-planning capabilities.
HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--Imaging Sciences International has announced release of Tx STUDIO, integrated into i-CAT Next Generation and i-CAT Precise systems. The software creates the opportunity for general dentists and specialists to take advantage of i-CAT’s 3-D imaging with comprehensive treatment-planning tools for implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics, and a myriad of surgical procedures. The software is bundled with a CBCT system to perform diagnostics, as well as implant and orthodontic- treatment planning.Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Tx STUDIO delivers comprehensive tools covering treatments from Implants to orthodontics. With its selection of treatment-planning features, Tx STUDIO is an addition to i-CAT cone beam 3-D systems.With Tx STUDIO, implant, abutment, and restoration planning is simple, fast, and precise. The new abutment and restoration design feature allows dentists to plan a treatment, from the surgical placement of the implant and the abutment to the final restoration at the onset of planning. Featuring an expanded implant library, single, or multiple implants can be quickly placed in the 3-D rendering or onto the panoramic layout. Scans are compatible with major surgical guide systems; surgical guides from Anatomage can be conveniently ordered directly through the Tx STUDIO software.For orthodontics, in addition to the included anchor pin library for virtual TAD placement, Tx STUDIO provides an optional 3-D cephalometric analysis package that allows for the creation of ceph tracings with accuracy and in less time than traditional 2-D ceph tracings. Also included in the package is the new face-MATCH photo-wrapping feature that allows easy wrapping of a facial photo taken with a standard digital camera onto the 3-D volume. Other optional services through this software include AnatoModel, which can provide virtual study models in occlusion that contain the full dentition—crowns, roots, and bone, and tools to predict soft tissue changes derived from orthodontic or surgical treatments.Built into Tx STUDIO is anl application for airway analysis that allows for instant measurement of total airway volume, localization, and area measurements of maximum constriction, and automatic color-coded constriction values of the airway volume. The airway analysis tools benefit general dentists and specialists who treat sleep apnea or other airway disorders through dental procedures ranging from orthodontics to surgery to splints.TMJ visualization tools that allow for superimposition of changes to the TMJ complex over time are included in Tx STUDIO. Through superimposition, changes in condylar position can be tracked over the course of a treatment to help ensure treatment plans are having the desired effect.The diagnostic reports tool option allows for fast and efficient communication between health-care providers. This new tool is optimized for power and speed, and is based on easy-to-create templates that can be customized for the office.Knowing that clinicians seek ways to present dental plans to their patients, Tx STUDIO offers 3-D visualization. Patients gain understanding of their anatomy, conditions, and treatment options as these come to life using 3-D renderings. The software even allows video capture to further enhance patient education even after the appointment is finished. Also, advanced annotation capabilities, such as custom labeling and layout displays, provide tools for patient and colleague communication.Tx STUDIO joins the i-CAT family of products that incorporates the level of support that i-CAT customers have received. “Since our inception, we have been deeply committed to our customers,” stated Mark Hillebrandt, business unit director for Imaging Sciences. “We are pleased to add Tx STUDIO to our i-CAT products for which we offer full, expert, and seamless support.”For more information, call (800) 205-3570 or visit 3570 or visit comment on this product, go to