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Dentsply Sirona launches to connect dentists to new patients

Sept. 12, 2018
Dentsply Sirona has announced the launch of, a digital platform and online community intended to connect patients and dentists.

Dentsply Sirona today announced the launch of, a digital platform built exclusively to connect patients to dentists. Created with consumers in mind, the free online community is dedicated to improving the state of dental health by increasing the number of new patients who go to the dentist and accept treatment.

Brian McCarthy, leader of the project team, will unveil the platform at the Dentsply Sirona World meeting on September 13, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. The platform’s main purpose is to build relationships between dentists and patients. It features a search engine for patients that supports filtering by a number of criteria, including insurance network, which is one of the top ways in which patients choose a dentist. Additionally, the site will house a comprehensive directory of dental practices across the country.

"People live and conduct all their business on their phones today," said Brian McCarthy, executive vice president of Dentsply Sirona's subsidiary Futuredontics. "Dentistry is challenged because it has not embraced this new mobile-centric reality. Complicating things is the fact that consumers just don't value dentistry as they do more trendy health-care pursuits like yoga and meditation. is the online destination where the industry can band together to elevate the perception of dentistry to its proper place in health care."

Dentists joining the community will be able to "claim" their practices during the Dentsply Sirona World meeting. This allows dentists to manage their own pages on the site where they can list information about themselves, their practices, and other relevant information that would assist in patient acquisition and retention. During the meeting, dentists who sign up will receive a complimentary practice profile that increases their online presence, offers access to national and local audiences, improves website SEO, and helps them connect with more new patients by listing services, insurance plans, hours, and more.

The website capitalizes on the shift of consumers to making booking decisions based on consumer reviews and the ability to make an appointment online. Independent research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of revealed the following:

  • 64% of people find dentists through online sources, such as search engines, dental insurance websites, or online review services.
  • More than half of all dentists believe in a strong online presence.
  • Dentists across the board say that acquiring new patients is one of their biggest challenges.

“ is the only one-stop shop that provides patients with everything they need to know to make informed decisions about their oral health,” said Todd Daum, senior vice president of marketing, Futuredontics. “From expert articles on dental care, researching dental procedures, or requesting an appointment with a local dentist, no other offering brings this together in one place. Our aim is to not just convert consumers into patients but empower people to become their own health advocates.”

In the near future, will roll out more features, including the ability for patients to book appointments directly from the site and practice management system integrations to simplify profile management.

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