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New screening feature helps dentists reduce unconscious bias in screening, hiring

Sept. 9, 2021
Dental employers can stay focused on the right things—skills, experience, and assessment insights—rather than a candidate’s physical appearance, age, ethnicity, or gender with this new screening tool.

DentalPost, the premier and largest dental job board, announces SmartView, a new screening feature to help dental employers expand their candidate pool and find better matches by reducing personal bias in the initial screening process. SmartView helps dental employers stay focused on the right things—skills, experience, and assessment insights—rather than a candidate’s physical appearance, age, ethnicity, or gender.

With SmartView on, dental employers can temporarily hide a candidate’s name and photo while evaluating professional background and training. This process helps the hiring manager set aside their personal preferences and unconscious biases while reviewing the qualities that are most important to them in a potential hire. Once the employer is ready, they can rate the profile to reveal the candidate’s full profile details, including names and photos.

“DentalPost has long been trusted and recognized as the first and biggest dental job board, focusing exclusively on the hiring and career needs of dental professionals,” said Tonya Lanthier, RDH, DentalPost founder and CEO. “We strive to also be the most fair job board, helping level the playing field for job seekers while positioning dental practices and dental service organizations to thrive by changing old ways of thinking and hiring that may not serve them anymore. With SmartView, we’re helping hiring managers get out of their own way in order to find the best matches for their practice and their team.”

As a data-driven recruitment platform, DentalPost regularly conducts nationwide surveys and reports on dental employment trends and issues to inform and educate the industry. Even before the pandemic, which further impacted an already stretched labor force, DentalPost’s industry surveys pointed to a lack of diversity on dental teams, including age, gender, and race.

Between an aging talent pool and majority female teams (93%), most of whom are not the main breadwinner of the family or who chose dental hygiene careers for the flexibility of raising families according to DentalPost’s 2020 dental salary survey report, the pandemic sped up the decision for many who have opted to leave the industry or retire early and left an already tight labor pool even tighter. SmartView encourages hiring managers to look at each candidate’s merits before looking at their ethnicity, gender, age, or appearance, thereby expanding the candidate pool in the initial screening process.

“Most people think of diversity hiring as a subtractive process where the potential candidate pool is narrowed down to focus on diverse candidates, but that’s not it at all,” added Lanthier. “DentalPost’s new SmartView feature is actually an additive process, where the candidate pool stays at its maximum size while all initial screening is completed based on the details that make for a great hire. Only after the reveal does a more subtractive candidate screening process begin.”

The award-winning dental job board has long stood out for using assessment-driven data to help dental practices and dental professionals find the right fit. With Match by DentalPost, launched in 2020, the company introduced its proprietary algorithm to match employers and job seekers using objective evaluation insights. The combination of SmartView and Match by DentalPost positions DentalPost to be the most inclusive hiring platform for job seekers and provides employers access to more qualified candidates that they might have otherwise overlooked. SmartView dives beneath the surface, helping both job seeker and employer see first what matters most.

“What started as a dental job board has evolved into so much more,'' said Lanthier. “Having temped in hundreds of dental offices over my 20 years in dentistry, I started to notice the difference between the good teams and great ones. For years, it’s been my mission to help improve dental teams through our platform. So launching SmartView, to reduce bias and create stronger, more diverse teams is a natural extension of that mission.”

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Content from a press release dated September 7, 2021.