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DEXIS launches new intraoral scanning portfolio

Oct. 24, 2022
The DEXIS IS Intraoral Scanning portfolio is a full suite of intraoral solutions that can transform and simplify the daily routine of dental practices.

The launch of the DEXIS IS (Intraoral Scanner) portfolio, a full suite of intraoral solutions, marks an important milestone for the company, which now offers a full range of digital dental diagnostic systems that cover every stage of scanning. With a growing network of innovative software and award-winning scanners that seamlessly work together, DEXIS can now transform and simplify the day-to-day routine of dental practices everywhere.  

“With the launch of our intraoral solutions, DEXIS now covers the complete digital workflow. We now have what dentists need to design a simpler, more streamlined process around their practice,” Ronald Linke, president, DEXIS IS business, said. “Since the acquisition of the intraoral scanner business, DEXIS has worked to ensure that it has one of the strongest and broadest portfolios of premium intraoral solutions in the market. We’re proud to be driving innovation in software, collaboration platforms, and user-centric scanning systems. Moreover, our portfolio will continue to evolve and provide even more opportunities for improved workflows in the future.”  

The new portfolio has something for every dental professional  

The DEXIS IS intraoral portfolio includes three levels of intraoral scanner: IS 3600, IS 3700, and IS 3800W, as well as the new IS Voyager, an all-in-one computer and trolley. From the entry-level scanner, the IS 3600, to the recent Red Dot award-winner, the wireless IS 3800W, there is a DEXIS IS scanner to fit any type of practice and provide simpler, digitized workflows that enable better outcomes and improved patient experiences.  

Our fastest scanner yet, the IS 3800W, was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche and features an award-winning ergonomic design. Discussing its innovative form, the Red Dot Award jury of 24 international experts said it “displays balanced symmetry and minimalist elegance.”  

Any DEXIS intraoral scanner can now be paired with the IS Voyager, a sleek, flexible, and ergonomic mobile trolley that enables convenient intraoral scanning and enhanced patient engagement—right at the chair.  

Software brings it all together for an even smoother experience  

All intraoral scanners are paired with the latest IS ScanFlow v1.0.7 software update. Powerful and intuitive, IS ScanFlow enables accurate digital impression acquisition in a few straightforward steps. The software features expansive workflow capacity, an increase in scanning speed and expanded processing options. IS ScanFlow also offers one-click export functionality to IS Connect, a secure online portal that makes it quick and easy for practices to transmit digital intraoral impression scans. Because it is integrated directly within IS ScanFlow software, IS Connect makes it easy to transfer both STL and rich DICOM 3D digital impression files, making DEXIS IS a completely open system. Clinicians can easily communicate with their preferred manufacturer or lab partner, providing more flexibility. DEXIS IS scanned datasets are compatible with a wide range of CAD software, so dentists and labs can design or expand their solution around their needs. 

More connected, more efficient  

IS ScanFlow is delivered to customers in an open and stand-alone configuration; however, customers can now also launch IS ScanFlow software from DTX Studio Clinic 3.2 with just one click via the Quick Launch button. As DTX Studio Clinic interlinks with many practice management systems, this saves the practice time as the patient identifier only needs to be entered once. Integration with DTX Studio Clinic also brings all X-ray images, photos, 2D and 3D, extraoral and intraoral imaging formats into one clear, comprehensive view, simplifying interactions with patients. Intelligent features like SmartFusion, which automatically aligns the digital surface models from the DEXIS IS intraoral scanner with any CBCT scan, further streamline implant planning. 

A scalable, lasting investment  

With DEXIS IS, dental practices can expect longevity from their investment. That’s because with future updates to DEXIS IS ScanFlow, practitioners will see an evolution of new features and improvements, such as the new AI-driven soft tissue removal feature available with v1.0.7. With three levels of performance and a wide range of compatible software available, dentists can scale up to match their changing needs. Likewise, as DEXIS continues to evolve and build its portfolio, more software will be developed to provide an even smoother digital ecosystem in the future. 

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Source: press release dated October 20, 2022