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Materials Product News

March 1, 2004

ONE-STEP® PLUS unit-dose system

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BISCO, a leader in dental adhesive and composite technology, introduces a unit-dose delivery system for its popular single bottle adhesive, ONE-STEP® PLUS, a truly universal adhesive designed to bond light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured materials without an additional dual-cure activator. ONE-STEP PLUS is engineered to bond composite to dentin, enamel, cast metals, treated porcelain, and set amalgam. Because of its unique chemistry and its minimal and uniform film thickness, ONE-STEP PLUS can be applied for indirect techniques when used with a cementation medium as well as amalgam bonding.

ONE-STEP PLUS unit-dose is available with BISCO's 32% UNI-ETCH® EZ-DOSE™, or TYRIAN SPE no-rinse self-priming etchant unit-dose.

To order or find out more, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

Intensiv Ortho-Strips from AXIS Dental

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Intensiv Ortho-Strips from AXIS Dental provide the solution for one of the most challenging aspects of orthodontic procedures — interproximal stripping. When providing orthodontic treatment, interproximal stripping by standard means such as standard diamond burs, diamond discs, and manual diamond strips present their problems. Intensiv Ortho-Strips from AXIS Dental, together with the 61LRG low-speed head from KaVo, provide a predictable solution to this problematic procedure. There is no other method or system that provides the convenience, comfort, or versatility as the Intensiv Ortho-Strip from AXIS Dental.

This irrigated system reduces friction and heat, resulting in more patient comfort and no risk of harming tooth structure. Reduction and contouring can be achieved from multiple angles as the handpiece rotates 360°. This combination provides the dentist with a predictable and easy-to-use system that will enhance productivity.

For more information, call (800) 355-5063 or visit

Flexichange restorative instruments

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DENTSPLY Caulk has introduced Flexichange® restorative instruments. This new array of restorative instruments with interchangeable tips provides versatility, comfort, and control. Doctors can customize their instruments with the tips they choose. Additionally, this feature allows the clinician to replace worn tips rather than purchase an entire instrument. This feature provides a long-term cost saving.

Comfort and control come from the ergonomically designed handle with a variable diameter and raised-dot pattern for superior sensitivity. Flexichange handles are available in 12 stylish colors for easy color-coding.

Flexichange offers a comprehensive range of 23 restorative/diagnostic tips. The tips are manufactured to the highest standards. Each tip is constructed of hardened and tempered stainless steel to resist scratching and to keep the carving edges sharper longer. The silicone outer handle is bonded to the inner tube of the handle to control cross-contamination. For more information, contact your local DENTSPLY Caulk distributor or call (800) 532-2855, ext. 794.

New SaniTyze™ waterless antimicrobial gel

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SaniTyze™ waterless moisturizing antimicrobial gel kills 99.99 percent of bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. Formulated with gentle ethyl alcohol, SaniTyze requires no water, towels, or dryers. SaniTyze contains emollients to reduce loss of moisture and natural skin lubricants, plus Dimethicone, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E to moiturize and condition skin. A special preservative inhibits bacterial regrowth after drying.

SaniTyze is available in a 4 oz. squeeze bottle, 18 oz. pump dispenser, 800 ml press pack, and one-touch dispenser. For more information, call Crosstex at (631) 582-6777 or visit

NeoSoothe™ Powder Free Surgical Gloves

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SmartPractice introduces NeoSoothe™ Powder Free Surgical Gloves. Manufactured from latex-free Chloroprene, these anatomically fitted gloves provide a close, comfortable fit during surgical procedures. The sterile, single-use gloves feature a beaded cuff, interior gel polymer coating for donning ease, and textured-grip fingertips. Available in seven sizes, 6 to 9; 25 pairs per box; four boxes per case. For more information, call (800) 522-0800.

Blue Ice™ bur systems

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Direct Dental Service introduces a new line of high quality, competitively priced, multiple-use dental burs, Blue Ice™. Blue Ice is available in composite finishing, porcelain polishing, diamond finishing, crown preparation, and crown removal systems to cover all your restoration procedures.

Blue Ice systems are available in autoclavable blocks to save time and make it easy to select the shapes, sizes, and grits for the desired procedure. Blue Ice diamond and carbide bur replacements are available in "chicklet" five packs, and the diamond-impregnated polisher bur replacements come in convenient two-packs.

For more information, call (800) 342-5337 or visit

X-Tip™ intraosseous anesthesia system

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DENTSPLY introduces its X-Tip™ intraosseous anesthesia delivery system to provide safe and improved profound anesthesia for root canal therapy and other dental procedures. Working on the principle of intraosseous (into the bone) anesthesia, the X-Tip system consists of two parts — a drill and guide sleeve. The drill mounts easily in a standard low-speed handpiece, such as Tulsa Dental's 1:1 contra angle. Once the drill and guide sleeve pass into the cancellous bone, the drill is withdrawn and the guide sleeve allows for easy injection and re-injection of local anesthetic.

With proper administration of the X-Tip system, anesthetic onset time is less than one minute, saving operatory time. The system also helps reduce the annoying side effects of facial and tongue numbness for the patient.

The X-Tip Anesthesia Delivery System (X-Tip guide sleeves and disposable needles) is available in quantities of 10 or 50.

For more information, contact your Maillefer distributor or Tulsa Dental representative.

CaineTips oral pain reliever by J. Morita

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CaineTips, by J. Morita USA, is a new, easy-to-use topical pain relief product that is now available in single-dose packaging. CaineTips consists of individually-wrapped disposable swabs prefilled with a 20% Benzocaine solution for intraoral applications. It is ideal for temporary pain relief during dental and hygiene procedures. It also is an excellent source of temporary pain relief for ulcers, wounds, and other minor mouth irritations. CaineTips comes in cherry, peppermint, and piña colada flavors.

For more information, contact your local dealer or call 888-JMORITA (566-7482), or visit

Seven new safety scalpels added to De Royal line

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DeRoyal has added seven new, totally retractable, color-coded, safety disposable scalpels, as well as a safety blade remover for blades with reusable metal handles, to its family of sharps safety products.

Designed by a cardiovascular surgeon and safety engineer, the DeRoyal retractable safety scalpels protect from injury and infection by bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C and B or HIV caused by accidental cuts from exposed scalpel blades.

The new line includes 10 sizes of Swann-Morton blades made from the finest English steel. All meet OSHA standards and federal sharps safety regulations.

For more information, call (800) 337-6925 or visit

DirectCrown LT — a breakthrough in provisionals

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DirectCrown's LT crown forms provide long-term provisional restorations in less than one hour of treatment time. Simple, quick, and easy to use, LT's advanced micro-hybrid composite resin exhibits exceptional durability and natural appearance.

Patients are delighted with a single-visit procedure, and their dentists enjoy the benefits of improved clinical efficiency, performance, and profitability. If desired, LT crowns also can be lab-fabricated for conventional two-treatment procedures. DirectCrown LT crowns expand treatment options for your patients. Anterior and posterior starter kits, as well as refills, are available in shades B2, A2, A3, and A3.5.

The DirectCrown LT system also has a complete training CD available for dentist and staff. For more information, call (888) 910-4490, email to [email protected], or visit

New Groper pediatric crown-crimping pliers

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New from Success Essentials, a more convenient way to reach tight spaces and clamp down on crowns. The "Groper Crimper" is the ultimate pediatric crown-crimping pliers. Designed by a pediatric dentist, the new device is incredibly useful for dentists who need to gently work in the small, tight areas of the pediatric anterior without interfering with the opposing walls of the crown.

Small enough to easily maneuver and strong enough to handle posterior crowns as well, the pliers' small, smooth edges and contoured head enable dentists to do ideal crimps without crazing the crown.

The pliers also have a spring-return handle for easy control in difficult angles. In all, it is a great tool for dentists who do pediatric work and provides their pediatric patients with either crowns or appliances.

The Groper Crimper is affordable at only $76.50. For more information or to order products from Success Essentials, call (888) 423-3270, or visit

New Flow Xpress F-speed film

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Flow X-Ray introduces new Xpress F-speed film. Xpress delivers as much as 60 percent X-ray reduction vs. conventional D-speed film. Image quality is superb, without the graininess and loss of contrast associated with faster film.

Xpress is available in adult and child sizes, in single- and double-film packets. For more information, including a special introductory offer, or free samples, contact your Flow dealer or call (800) 356-9729.

LightSpeed apical prep kit

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LightSpeed Endodontics' simplified (hybrid) technique combines LightSpeed NiTi instruments with any tapered rotary system to rapidly prepare root canals. LightSpeed's unique (nontapered) design gives incredible tactile feedback for efficient apical enlargement. This allows irrigants to clean more effectively and canals to be filled with ease.

Starter Kits are available at $189. For more information, call (800) 817-3636 for a free CD or visit

New SafeGauze 3D non-woven sponges

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Medicom® announces SafeGauze 3D, the next generation of nonwoven sponges. SafeGauze 3D is a highly absorbent, extra-soft, nonadherent, and low-linting sponge that is ideal for all types of procedures. It is designed with the same 3D APEX technology as Johnson & Johnson® Nu Gauze™, but with significant upgrades. SafeGauze 3D has unique textile properties, including the look, feel, strength, and durability of traditionally woven or knit fabrics. This produces an economical product with added absorbency and versatility.

SafeGauze 3D is available in three convenient sizes — 2" x 2", 3" x 3", and 4" x 4". Contact your dealer to order. For product information, call (800) 361-2682 or visit

Video "Combo #3" now available

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HUG Video is pleased to announce that "Combo #3" is now available on both DVD and VHS. The new series consists of several new video programs such as Autumn, Spring II, Mountain Waterfalls, and more, all with new footage and music. This most recent set of "scenic relaxation" videos is sure to continue helping your patients have a more pleasant visit by providing a calming visual focus along with soothing music while in the reception or treatment rooms.

HUG Video is offering "Combo #3" for $99.95. Individual titles are $34.95, available separately. Create your own combo — choose any four titles from HUG's catalog for $99.95 and buy only the titles you want. Call for details.

HUG Video Productions offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Price includes shipping and handling. Order by phone or fax at (856) 228-6233.

Water testing package for dentistry

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ETR Laboratories introduces a dental water testing package enabling you to evaluate and treat your dental water as needed. ETR Laboratories provides accurate test results to your office so you can treat your valuable patients with safe and healthy water.

The water testing package includes a microanalysis plate count for particulates, bacteria, and fungi, tests for volatile organic compounds, minerals and heavy metals (cations and anions), disinfectants chlorine and bromine, and chemical properties such as pH, conductivity, and turbidity.

The water test package is being offered at an introductory price of $100. For more information, call Dr. Subhash Gupta at (800) 344-9977.

New digitizing software improves fit

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Precision Ceramics is using new digitizing software that has been developed to increase the number of scanning and milling cycles on laser-scanned copy millers by more than four times over the previous version. This represents a significant improvement in capturing internal details and finish lines. While strong and highly esthetic, zirconia is difficult to adjust and optimize. This new software eliminates the need for time-consuming adjustments.

Precision Ceramics has been a leader in all-ceramic development, production, and outsourcing, with the country's only unconditional lifetime guarantee against breakage. For more information, contact Mark C. Jackson at (800) 223-6322 or send email to [email protected].

.0000" matrix bands for tightest contacts

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The ProxiTac is a Tofflemire-like matrix band that possesses an extrusion window strategically located to align interproximally with an adjacent tooth. This allows compacted resin to directly touch the neighboring tooth, eliminating the potential for an undesirable open contact. ProxiTac's unique notched release system provides atraumatic, effortless removal. The ProxiTac permits multiple-surface restorations as well as quadrant dentistry, thanks to its user-friendly, Tofflemire design. Unlike currently available matrix systems, the ProxiTac band permits the closest interproximal contact possible. ProxiTac is available in No. 1 universal and No. 2 broad.

For more information, call PosiProducts at (866) 770-5049 or visit

Schein micro-precise Maxima™ diamonds

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Henry Schein introduces micro-precise Maxima™ diamonds. The manufacturing of the one-piece stainless steel shank and superior diamond-bonding system provides fast cutting with extremely low vibration, optimum grinding performance with minimal heat generation, and a concentric instrument that minimizes wear on turbines to provide greater patient comfort.

Maxima diamonds are color-coded for easy identification, and are available in boxes of five.

For more information, call (800) 372-4346.

Embrace™ WetBond™ kit is versatile

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Pulpdent Corporation's Embrace™ WetBond™ Restoration & PFM Repair Kit provides unique materials for preparing, priming, opaquing, and protecting surfaces, and for sealing, finishing, and polishing the final repair or restoration. This multifunctional kit works on all surfaces and with fewer required steps, saving time and money.

The Embrace Wetbond Restoration & PFM Repair kit contains the first moist-bonding resins specifically designed for bonding to all restorative, metal, and ceramic surfaces. It eliminates the use of metal primers and silane, and provides superior bonds to metal and ceramic surfaces.

The kit contains five products — Embrace First-Coat™, Embrace Opaquer, and Embrace Seal-n-Shine™, each formulated with R.A.I.N. technology; Kool-Dam, and Porcelain Etch Gel.

The kit contains 1.2 ml syringe each of First-Coat, Seal-n-Shine, Opaquer, Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam, and accessories. A $5 manufacturer's rebate is in effect through March 31 with proof of purchase.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

QuickBooks® QuickReference Guides

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Gunn Consulting has produced yet another tool to ensure QuickBooks® proficiency — the QuickReference Guide. Written and designed by Susan Gunn, the QuickReference Guide is the perfect companion to the QuickBooks In Your Practice workbooks.

These clever flip charts are a convenient reference for 15 frequent QuickBooks tasks. Compact to stand beside your monitor, these guides include steps to enter deposits, transfers, patient reimbursements, returned checks, reconcile statements, memorize transactions, create paychecks, pay taxes, and many more.

Gunn Consulting provides resources to accomplish QuickBooks competency through workbooks, quick reference guides, workshops, nationwide technical support, or onsite consulting. These straightforward resources allow dentists to care for patients, not figure out their accounting software.

Place your order at or call (817) 994-3167.

Milestone Scientific awarded by FDA

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Milestone Scientific announces the release of the SafetyWand™ disposable handpiece, a patented injection device that incorporates safety engineering sharps-protection features to aid in the prevention of needlesticks. It is the first patented injection device to be fully compliant with OSHA regulations under the federal Needlestick Safety Act, while meeting the clinical needs of dental practitioners.

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The SafetyWand provides a safer retractable needle device with single-hand activation. It is reusable multiple times during a single patient visit, while remaining small and sleek enough not to obscure the clinician's field of view.

For more information, call (800) 862-1125 or visit

Dry mouth relief for HIV/AIDS patients

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Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a common condition for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune diseases. HIV can cause dry mouth as can some anti-HIV drugs and other medications such as antihistamines and anti-depressants. Symptoms can include dry mouth, dry lips, sense of burning in the mouth, tough tongue, and mouth sores or infection.

Patients suffering with dry mouth can now find relief with Gebauer's Salivart® Oral Moisturizer, an over-the-counter spray that has many of the same properties as saliva. It is an aqueous solution containing a viscosity agent and an emulsifier. One spray temporarily coats and moisturizes the oral cavity. It can be used as often as needed. Salivart contains no irritants, no flavor, and has no side effects.

Salivart comes in a 75g spray can, and is nitrogen-propelled, making it ozone-friendly. Approved by the ADA, Salivart is recommended as No. 1 for dry-mouth relief by pharmacists. For more information, call (800) 321-9348.

TDOCS dental software, Version 9

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If you want to maximize the financial return of your practice and, at the same time, increase its value, TDOCS Platinum Version 9 is your choice. TDOCS Platinum Version 9 provides the tools required to efficiently run your practice, while enabling you to optimize your scheduling process, to effectively manage your patients and to mine the inventory of treatment plans.

From e-mail to e-bills, TDOCS V9 offers practical, state-of-the-art solutions to first-time users as well as experienced users at an exceptional price. For a free demo or to learn more, call TDOCS Software at (800) 836-2728.

ERA® Implant — micro prosthetic head

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Sterngold introduces the ERA® Implant with a smaller prosthetic head for provisional applications. It is a micro ERA prosthetic head of 3.4 mm diameter on a 2.2 mm-diameter, self-tapping screw, which allows for positive and immediate stabilization of a complete denture. It also is used to protect an osseous graft site on a temporary basis. It has an unthreaded screw collar for added strength.

For more information, order online, or take advantage of Sterngold's educational resources, visit

Orascoptic announces HiRes™ loupes

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A revolutionary optical design combining high resolution, wide viewing field, and lightweight comfort are the hallmarks of the new, smaller loupe system — HiRes™ by Orascoptic. The result is maximum comfort, visual acuity, and optimum performance, while continuing Orascoptic's well-known reputation for amazing wide field views. Two optical shapes are offered, round or elliptical. Both have the same wide field. The elliptical option allows slightly more room to view above the loupes and is even lighter weight — the choice is yours. They come mounted on two durable titanium frame styles in various colors and sizes.

Visualize the difference! Call (800) 369-3698 for an immediate demonstration with your local Orascoptic representative.

OneCoat Self-Etch Bond

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces a self-etch, light-cured bonding system that provides a homogenous bond layer that stops postoperative sensitivity — with just one coat. The OneCoat SE Bond water-based primer solubilizes the smear layer without removing it. The solvent-free, light-cured bonding agent permeates the collagen fibers, penetrating deep into the dentinal tubules, establishing a highly retentive, homogenous hybrid layer. Postoperative sensitivity is stopped.

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OneCoat SE Bond produces excellent marginal integrity, reducing the risk for marginal staining. Its water-based formula is less technique-sensitive. Single-dose convenience eliminates the possibility for cross-contamination.

For more information, contact your dental dealer or Coltène/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046, or visit

DenTek®'s SensiBloK™ dentin desensitizer

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SensiBloK™ is clinically proven to stop dentinal sensitivity in more than 97 percent of the people who use it. SensiBloK is a revolutionary new product that blocks sensitivity via precipitation of calcium oxalate crystals deep within dentinal tubules. Just 0.1 ml. to 0.2 ml. of SensiBloK will give your patients long-lasting relief. Patients can go back to eating any foods without the discomfort of sensitive teeth. SensiBlok can be incorporated into your current preventive and esthetic procedures, since there are no contraindications and it does not require curing. Compare this to common OTC sensitivity toothpastes which only treat the symptoms and take at least two weeks to start becoming effective.

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Dentinal sensitivity is caused by fluid movement in exposed dentinal tubules as a result of many factors, including loss of enamel, gingival recession, and whitening or bleaching procedures. SensiBlok will only be available to dental professionals, providing a safe and effective treatment option.

SensiBloK is available through Patterson Dental Supply and other dealers. For more information, call (800) 4DENTEK (433-6835).

Desensitizing cream for home use

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Ortek's new DenClude desensitizing dental cream is indicated for both the treatment of hypersensitivity associated with exposed root surface dentin and the reduction of abrasion and erosion of exposed cervical dentin. DenClude, an Rx Class II device, is for everyday home use by patients. DenClude contains SensiStat, Ortek's patented desensitizing complex used so effectively in ProClude desensitizing prophy paste. DenClude, an ideal adjunct to a ProClude treatment, was clinically proven in a 12-week, stand-alone trial to relieve sensitive teeth by up to 60 percent when applied twice daily by toothbrush. DenClude is only dispensed professionally.

For more information, call (888) 435-2600 or visit

Two new SWIVEL™ Direct Flow™ designs

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Hu-Friedy, the leading manufacturer of hand-held dental instruments, has added two new tip designs to its SWIVEL™ Direct Flow™ ultrasonic insert line — the 30 kHz After Five® Right and After Five Left perio designs.

The curved tip designs of these two new inserts significantly increase adaptation in hard-to-reach areas.

Hu-Friedy offers a comprehensive line of SWIVEL Direct Flow inserts — including the #10 Universal, #100 Thin, and the After Five Straight.

Superior Hu-Friedy SWIVEL Direct Flow inserts feature a "through-tip" water delivery that focuses the water flow directly to the tip — reducing excess spray for increased visibility. Simply roll the SWIVEL insert in your fingers for smooth scaling from start to finish. All 30 kHz designs of the revolutionary SWIVEL Direct Flow insert feature a longer grip for improved access and adaptability in posterior areas.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

N1 and N2 scalers by American Eagle

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Model N1 is an anterior scaler with a slightly modified U5 on one end and a bent Discoid on the other, designed for calculus removal and cleaning lingual stains. Model N2 is an off-angled posterior scaler that is super-thin and curved, designed for interproximal scaling as well as easy access to the molar regions. Both N1 and N2 are available in standard 7/32" stainless steel handles as well as Eaglelite 3/8" stainless steel and resin handles. For ordering information, call (800) 551-5172.

3M ESPE Adper&trade Single Bond Plus

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3M ESPE announces a new option in total-etch dental adhesives — Adper™ Single Bond Plus adhesive. The improved adhesive incorporates a nanofiller technology providing higher dentin bond-strength performance. In addition, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive is available in a new, easy-to-use, unit-dose delivery system.

The nano-sized particles that make up Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive are stable and will not settle out of dispersion. Therefore, unlike traditional filled adhesives, it does not require shaking. In addition, because it contains ethanol, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive is less volatile than acetone-based adhesives, minimizing odor and evaporation.

Adper Single Bond Plus is perfect for bonding to all classes of direct composite restorations as well as root-surface desensitization and bonding of porcelain veneers with 3M ESPE RelyX™ Veneer Cement and 3M ESPE RelyX Ceramic Primer. After light-curing, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive also produces great results for indirect bonding procedures when combined with 3M ESPE RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement.

For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249. Products are available through authorized 3M ESPE distributors.

New INTRO™ temp veneer composite 4-pack

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CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™ introduces the INTRO 4-syringe pack — a convenient pack containing a selection of the most popular shades for veneers, A1, A2, B1, and medium incisal) — guaranteed to make the creation of your next set of temporary veneers simple and efficient.

A medium viscosity, light-cured material, INTRO exhibits exceptional esthetics, strength, and durability, making it the ideal temporary material for veneers. Formulated to smoothly dispense from the syringe, INTRO's excellent thixotropic properties ensure it won't move in the matrix, preventing air entrapment. And, with excellent color stability and less technique-sensitivity (and more economical) than flowable composites, INTRO enables you to deliver natural-looking, natural-feeling, and accurate temporary veneers every time.

The INTRO four-syringe pack contains one 3 ml syringe each of A1, A2, B1, and medium incisal; 25 INTRO placement tips, one 3 ml bottle of INTRO bonding resin, instructions, and MSDS.

For more information, or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444.

StatusBlue alginate substitute

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Zenith Dental Products announces StatusBlue alginate replacement material in new 4:1 automix cartridges. Alginate users will no longer have to deal with the mess and mixing process of traditional powered alginates.

StatusBlue is an innovative A-Silicone material designed for situation impressions of all kinds, including temporaries and model-cast dentures as well as orthodontic and opposing jaw models.

StatusBlue is extremely flowable under pressure, capturing excellent detail. It is slump-free and offers better patient comfort and acceptance. It sets in just 1.75 minutes, making situation impression-taking quicker and easier for patients and staff. Status Blue exhibits a high level of dimensional stability. It can be cold sterilized, stored, and reused when necessary. It is virtually maintenance-free; impressions do not need to be kept moist.

The new automix cartridges require just three steps — quick, easy, and hassle-free — using a standard "type 50" dispensing gun. Automix cartridges are available in a special promotional tub, packed with seven plus one free cartridge, with 16 mixing tips.

It also is available in 390 ml cartridges for the MixStar machine. To order, call (800) 662-6383. For more information, visit

Moore-Flex finishing and polishing strips

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Moore-Flex finishing and polishing strips are the latest additions to Moore's family of finishing and polishing products. These mylar strips are center-gapped for easy placement and contain aluminum oxide grits, one style in coarse/medium and one in fine/ultrafine. Each style is 7 inches in length and is available in regular (5/32") and narrow (5/64") widths. These disposable, cost-effective strips are ideal for composite restorations or removing interproximal stains.

For more information, contact your dental dealer, call E.C. Moore Company at (800) 331-3548, or visit

Class V cervical restorative

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Pulpdent Corporation's Embrace™ WetBond Class V is the first moist-bonding restorative resin specifically designed for cervical restorations. It is formulated with an advanced, hydrophilic, Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.), that is unique to the Embrace technology.

Class V is a self-adhesive resin. Adhesives and bonding agents are not required; however, they are not contraindicated and can be used if desired. Class V is tooth-integrating and provides an excellent marginal seal, eliminating microleakage and reducing sensitivity. In addition, it is self-etching to dentin, and tough, resilient, and durable.

Class V bonds chemically and mechanically to slightly moist tooth surfaces, which is especially helpful in cervical areas where it is often difficult to achieve perfect isolation from moisture. It provides strong bonds to dentin and enamel and a margin-free restoration. Upon light-curing, the material is impervious to water.

Available in A2, A3.5, B2, and D2, it is fluoride-releasing and provides excellent esthetics. Class V kits are available from dental dealers and contain 40 x 0.25 gm (0.12 ml) Class V prefilled tips, 10 of each shade, with a 1.2 ml syringe of Seal-n-Shine. Refills also are available. A $5 manufacturer's rebate is in effect through July 31, with proof of purchase.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

Exceptional hemostasis, kind to tissue

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Comprised of 25% aluminum sulphate, TISSUE GOO™ is much kinder to soft tissue than other hemostatic agents because it won't cauterize, but rather, acts similar to a coagulant. TISSUE GOO's gel formula helps keep the retraction cord in place, and won't turn the tissue black or contaminate the bonding site during veneer cementation.

Available in a four-pack of 3 ml syringes, TISSUE GOO will not interfere with the setting of your impression material. It's patient-friendly, too — gooseberry flavored — so your patients won't mind the taste.

For more information, or to order direct, call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444.


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American Dental Supply Inc. is pleased to introduce refractory CRYSTAL STRIPPER high-temperature investment remover to its line of devesting and polishing materials.

CRYSTAL STRIPPER is a stable, dry-crystal formulation that behaves like a hydrofluoric acid devesting liquid when activated by adding water. It is easy, safe, and less expensive to ship because it does not contain free hydroflouric acid or other strong mineral acids and, as a dry product, it weighs less.

CRYSTAL STRIPPER was developed with a major alloy manufacturer for cleaning noble metal castings when refractory invests are used. Unlike gypsum products, these investments are insoluble in the ususal plaster and stone removers. CRYSTAL STRIPPER is not meant for use on titanium, porcelain, or base metals, as damage may result.

For more information, call (800) 558-5925 or e-mail to [email protected].

Intelle-Plant surgical templates

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The key to trouble-free implant restorations, especially when fabricating overdentures or cases in the esthetic zone, is the use of a surgical template during the planning and placement stages of the restoration.

Intelle-Plant Surgical Templates allow for perfect implant placement every time. Each Intelle-Plant template is processed using high-impact, crystal-clear acrylic and, for partially edentulous patients, includes clasps or other stabilizing mechanisms.

Practitioners can order templates with or without guide holes. Templates also may be ordered with titanium guide tubes for pilot drills, radiographic teeth or markers, and optional barium sulfate formulas. Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory has a complete implant department. In addition, we have a program which allows you to borrow the tools you need, including tool and torque wrenches.

Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory offers overnight shipping and supplies all packing materials. It is the only lab to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on every case.

For more information, contact Mark Jackson at (800) 223-6322 or send e-mail to [email protected].

C-Graft™ bone graft material available

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The Clinician's Preference announces that C-Graft™ has been granted 510K clearance by the FDA and is now available for sale in the United States.

Derived from calcified marine algae, C-Graft is a natural, nonanimal choice for bone-grafting, featuring the key building blocks for successful bone regeneration — porosity, absorption, and resorption.

The Clinician's Preference currently carries C-Graft, OrthoBlast™II, an allograft featuring cancellous bone and demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in the same carrier, and REGUARDE™, a Type I collagen resorbable membrane.

For more information, visit

Consumer's guide to implants

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Millions of Americans have lost a tooth to injury or disease. As a result, many of these people believe they will never again be able to chew, speak, or smile without feeling self-conscious. Dental implants may allow these individuals to recover from the disaster of tooth loss.

Over the last 35 years, Charles A. Babbush, DDS, MScD, has helped thousands of people with dental implants. He describes the treatment in language the nondental professional will understand in his informative book, "As Good As New: A Consumer's Guide to Dental Implants."

Purchase this informative book at or by calling (440) 995-5500.

Bio Lube advanced handpiece lubricant

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SDS (Southland Distribution & Sales) introduces Bio Lube™ — the revolutionary system proven to reduce wear and optimize dental handpiece performance. Both cleaner and lubricant are nontoxic, nonflammable aerosols that are biodegradable, require no Haz-Mat shipping, and are available through your favorite dental dealer. Bio Lube doubles the warranty on new handpiece purchases (for warranty details, visit or call (800) 880-0240). Visit the SDS Web site to see the results of product testing, obtain more information about Bio Lube, and find out about the free introductory offer.

Bio Lube advanced handpiece cleaner frees gummed-up turbines by evaporating old oil and protein sludge that gradually slows handpieces. It dries instantly and leaves no residue. Bio Lube cleaner contains no carbon tetrachloride and is environmentally friendly.

Bio Lube advanced handpiece lubricant restores handpieces to like-new performance. Even new handpieces run faster, smoother, and quieter with TLC™ technology. Bio Lube extends turbine life (both ceramic and steel) by creating a hi-tech, low-friction surface that is heat-activated. Besides being the safest lubricant available, it eliminates costly repairs and costs less to use.

For details, visit or call (800) 880-0240.

GC EXAIMPLANT launch at CDA meeting

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GC America is pleased to announce the launch of EXAIMPLANT NDS, the only VPS impression material specially designed for implant impressions. EXAIMPLANT has a perfect rigid viscosity to fix the impression coping or abutment.

EXAIMPLANT is ideally suited for taking implant impressions. The special characteristics are the high rigidity and hydrophilic material. Because of the rigidity, the strain on the impression upon removal from the mouth is minimal and the implant fixture will be duplicated precisely on the stone model.

EXAIMPLANT also has a special adhesive that can enable chemical adhesion between a silicone impression material and a resin custom tray, whereas most other adhesives cannot. EXAIMPLANT ADHESIVE is more like a primer while most other adhesives are more like "glue." That means you can expect much better adhesive strength with EXAIMPLANT ADHESIVE. Higher adhesive strength is important because exfoliation of the impression material from the tray results in fatal damage of precise impressions, and precision is essential for implant impressions.

EXAIMPLANT will be available on April 16. Come visit the GC booth at the CDA meeting, April 16 to 18, to place your order.

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