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Materials Product News

Sept. 1, 2003

New child seat and body positioner

KaVo is kid friendly! KaVo America is pleased to introduce a new child seat and body positioner, which can be used with any dental chair. Available in an attractive child's design, it features a fully articulating backrest which reclines to a fully supine position with the motion of the dental chair.

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The child can use the integrated headrest or utilize the double-articulating headrest from the KaVo environment patient chair. The seat elevates the child by four to five inches, which improves access for the clinician and staff. Integrated armrests position the patient correctly to help reduce fidgeting. The backrest also can be removed from the seat base to create a booster seat for older children.

The seat covering can be easily removed for machine washing.

For more information call KaVo America at (800) 323-8029 or visit

Safety Suction scavenges aerosols

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Quality Aspirators is introducing the Safety Suction infection-control product for the reduction of aerosols when using an ultrasonic scaler. The disposable product is designed to give you control of the aerosol spray produced by the ultrasonic scaler. The product has been shown to significantly reduce the aerosol, water build-up, and viable bacteria present in the scaling environment. The Safety Suction fits Cavitron® ultrasonic handpiece barrels and other brands of similar size. For further information, visit or call (800) 858-2121.

J. Morita PerfectIM® introduces SnoWhite

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With PerfectIM® Systems VPS impression materials from J. Morita USA, you can create accurate dental impressions — without the need for inconvenient, uncomfortable retraction cords. Because these materials are hydrophobic, they will displace fluids, therefore there is no need to air dry. In addition to being cordless and hydrophobic, PerfectIM Systems is precise, easy to work with, and available in a variety of working and setting times. PerfectIM Systems also offers different viscosities — Blue Velvet, Flexi-Velvet, SnoWhite, Single Phase Body, and Final Wash. PerfectIM Systems is ideal for bite registrations, dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, or nightguards.

To order, contact your dealer or call (888) JMORITA (566-7482) and say cordless!

SporViewPlus provides immediate results!

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SporViewPlus is an in-office biological indicator (BI) monitoring system with immediate readout, for use with all steam sterilization processes. Each box contains 25 SporView self-contained BI spore tests and 25 STEAMPlus™ Integrators.

For more information, call (800) 722-1529 or visit

No Artex, no profit. Know Artex, know profit

Facebows and precision articulators can significantly improve functional analysis of dental casts and improve case-requirement communication with your laboratory for maximum accuracy.

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Jensen's calibrated Artex articulator and Rotofix facebow, for use by dentist or assistant, easily provide patient-related occlusal references. Artex reduces equipment loss and shipping costs because only a plaster-set bitefork is sent to the lab for mounting in Artex. An accurate yet simple mounting system, Artex can be an important communication tool for dentists to evaluate cases prior to insertion.

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For more information, call (800) 243-2000, ext. 233, visit, or e-mail Ann Pellegrini at [email protected].

New one-handed safety dental syringe

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Med-Design Corporation announces the 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe — a one-handed, single-use, disposable safety syringe injector used for the delivery of dental anesthetics. The new syringe employs a unique retracting design without changing user technique, and accepts all standard anesthetic cartridges and needles. It promotes needle safety in accordance with the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act and OSHA guidelines.

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Sultan Chemists, a leader in the field of infection control and oral therapeutics, will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of the 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe. Sultan will market the product to dentists, dental groups, and government institutions through established dental retailers.

For more information and to view Med-Design's retracting needle safety technology, please visit

Manual of Dental Implants

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The Manual of Dental Implants is designed to initiate dental students, general dentists, dental hygienists, and staff into the world of implant restorative dentistry and maintenance. While there is no substitute for clinical training, this manual sees to address a broad range of issues. It is designed to be adaptable to any implant system and almost any clinical situation. The manual is usable at multiple levels of knowledge and training for which the reader can continue to benefit. A section of definitions is included along with an appendix which contains a multiple-choice quiz to test your comprehension of the material presented, along with a bibliography and resources available for those who are interested in obtaining more information.

For more information, call (800) 837-5394.

New dental laser report

The 2003 edition of Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers™ (DAAL™) now is available from JGM Associates. DAAL-2003 describes in detail laser products intended for dental applications, and includes descriptions of product performance, features, and accessories. Laser list price information also is included.

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DAAL also provides tutorial sections for the non-laser-savvy reader, so readers can better appreciate recent advancements in dental laser technology and applications. DAAL is recommended reading by the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

DAAL-2003 sells for $100, plus shipping, and includes a loose-leaf binder that allows update pages to be added easily. A table of contents, sample passages, and ordering details are provided at

Micro-Touch™ with aloe and glycerol

Ansell adds textured NextStep® powder-free latex examination gloves to its line of great-fitting Micro-Touch™ products. The ambidextrous gloves are coated with aloe and glycerol for comfort and effortless donning, which makes them particularly appropriate for people who frequently change their gloves.

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Offered in pastel green natural rubber latex, NextStep gloves help reduce powder-related complications. The product helps moisturize and soften hands that are dry and chapped from constant washing. The moisturizing ingredients are firmly on the inner surface of the product where they can work effectively while they are being worn.

NextStep gloves provide excellent tactile sensitivity, durability, and strength. They are available in extra small through extra large, with 100 gloves per dispenser box. The extra large size is packaged 80 gloves per dispenser box.

For more information, visit

Biofoil® oral bandage

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The Biofoil® oral bandage is now packaged in a pouch for easier handling and less storage space. By eliminating the box, Biofoil can be more easily utilized and stores in a smaller area. Biofoil is a sterile, self-adhesive, and waterproof surgical wound closure system. It is designed to be used over extraction, periodontal, crown and bridge, and implant sites and to protect the gingiva when relining temporaries or immediate dentures. Patented Biofoil is cost-effective, saving time while preventing germs, food, and oral debris from entering the protected sites. It can be used over sutures or as an alternative to suturing. Biofoil fosters quicker healing with less discomfort.

For more information or to order Biofoil, call (800) 432-4487.

Bite plate features chairside fit and more!

Dental Concepts introduces a breakthrough in in-office bruxism treatment — the BruxGuard. The BruxGuard is a bite plate that can be fitted easily and accurately at chairside in minutes, resulting in a safe, comfortable, and efficacious solution for bruxers. The secret is in its unique, patented combination of plastics creating a bite plate that is soft against the teeth but hard at the base to eliminate bite-through.

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According to the ADA, 95 percent of Americans experience bruxism at some point in their lives. The BruxGuard is a proven, solution-oriented product designed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of all bruxers.

For more information, visit BruxGuard is exclusively distributed in the United States by Schein. To order a starter kit, contact your local Schein representative or call Dental Concepts at (877) BRUX123 (278-9123).

Carbocaine label changes ADA compliant

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it will change the color of its Cook-Waite Carbocaine 3% local injectable dental anesthetic cans and cartridges, bringing the packaging in compliance with a color-coding system set by the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance Program.

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Formerly, the color of the cans and cartridges was teal (blue-green). The new color is tan. The anesthetic will continue to carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

The rest of the Cook-Waite local injectable dental anesthetics line is already in ADA compliance, which makes it easier for practitioners to ensure they are using the intended anesthetic.

Cook-Waite Carbocaine 3% in the tan color scheme began shipping in September. Dental practices will begin to receive it later in the fall.

For more information, call (800) 933-8031 or visit

C.E. Magic! releases interactive DVD kit

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C.E. Magic! announced the release of its interactive learning kit, "Antibiotics in the Dental Office." The kit includes a comprehensive interactive DVD, which can be accessed on a computer with a DVD player or any DVD player hooked to a television to watch movies. The kit also contains a comprehensive written summary with hundreds of printed information slides. Two additional audiotape programs are included on dental prophylaxis and intraosseous anesthesia. Each component has a corresponding post-test, which can be sent to C.E. Magic! for grading. Complete all the components of the kit and pass the tests to earn a total of 10 CE credit hours recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry.

At just $15 per CE credit hour ($149 for the entire kit), it is a great value. Call (770) 227-3636, email to [email protected], or visit for more information.

TEMPTRAY single-use impression trays

The new TEMPTRAY from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™ guarantees single-use convenience and a distortion-free impression — every time. Designed for one to three teeth, the tray can be used in any position, anterior or posterior, and on either the upper or lower arch. The sidewalls of the tray are high, to encompass virtually any crown length.

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TEMPTRAY is customizable. Widen or narrow the sidewalls to suit your patient's arch dimension and/or misaligned teeth. TEMPTRAY features a quick-grip lip for easy removal.

Designed and priced for single use, TEMPTRAY is constructed of rigid, dead-soft aluminum for accuracy, and is perforated to stabilize and retain the matrix material.

For more information or to order direct, please call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444.

New Crest Whitestrips® Supreme

Procter & Gamble announces Crest Whitestrips® Supreme, the newest generation of Crest Whitestrips Professional and an outstanding professionally dispensed, at-home whitening option for patients. Clinical research shows that Crest Whitestrips Supreme whitens at least 65 percent better than commonly used tray-based whitening systems. The new Whitestrips also whitens 85 percent better that Whitestrips sold in retail stores, and will be sold exclusively to dental professionals.

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Crest Whitestrips Supreme features a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide — 14 percent vs. 6.5 percent — and half the amount of gel per upper strip. This results in 43 percent more effective whitening (lower concentration formula will still be available).

Crest Whitestrips Supreme will be sold exclusively to dental professionals. For more information or to order, call (800) 543-2577 or visit

(800) 543-2577

Crosstex introduces Ultra Sensitive mask

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Crosstex recently introduced Ultra Sensitive, a face mask developed especially for those with sensitive skin. Ultra Sensitive contains no inks, dyes, or chemicals. It has a white cellulose inner layer made specifically for sensitive skin that will not lint, tear, or shred. The white, fluid-resistant outer layer is made of a unique, spun-bond material for maximum protection — resisting body fluids, blood, and other potentially infectious materials.

The Ultra Sensitive mask has a PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) of 99 percent at 0.1 Microns. It provides a very high level of protection and easy breathability, is latex-free, made in the United States, and sold in boxes of 50. Crosstex offers a complete line of face masks for all levels of protection from the basic exam to the treatment of high-risk patients. For more information, or to request a sample, call (888) Crosstex (276-7783).

Zirconia implant abutments

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Glidewell Laboratories now offer customized solutions for your Procera implant cases. Using your implant-level impression, we carefully modify the emergence of tissue from the implant interface. This assures that the emergence profile will establish ideal tissue contours. An abutment is waxed to this modified soft-tissue model and scanned for fabrication. A coping is made on the abutment, and final ceramics are contoured for natural-looking esthetics. A complete Procera abutment and crown is priced at $497. There is no implant surcharge. For more information or nationwide pick-up, please call (800) 716-6563.

Pulpdent releases first moist-bonding resin

Pulpdent Corporation's Embrace™ WetBond Seal-n-Shine™ is the first moist-bonding resin specifically designed for sealing, finishing, and polishing composite restorations. Formulated with advanced, hydrophilic Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.), it bonds chemically and mechanically to teeth and composites, providing strong bonds.

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Seal-n-Shine is a clear resin that penetrates and seals porosities and cracks within composites, and seals margins. It provides a smooth, durable finish eliminating the need for final finishing and polishing. Seal-n-Shine does not alter occlusal anatomy or discolor the restoration, and contains no solvents. There is no need to mix or add solvents or other modifiers.

Providing quick finishing and polishing of composites, etched or abraded ceramic restorations, and acrylic temporary crowns, Seal-n-Shine also repairs cracked teeth, seals non-carious or precarious lesions, enamel defects, and notches, and seals margins of indirect restorations cemented with resin cement. It can be cured using any curing light, and, once cured, creates a seal that is impervious to water.

Seal-n-Shine is available from dental dealers in a 6 ml bottle with a brush handle and 100 brush tips, and also is available in 2 x 1.2 ml syringes with 40 flocked tips. There is a $5 manufacturer's rebate in effect through March 31, 2004 with proof of purchase.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

New SensiTemp® NEZO and ZOE cements

Sultan Chemists Inc. has just added two new formulations to its popular SensiTemp® resin temporary cement offering. The new temporary cements are SensiTemp NEZO, a non-eugenol zinc oxide cement, and SensiTemp ZOE, a zinc oxide eugenol formulation.

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All three formulations contain potassium nitrate to help reduce postoperative sensitivity when cementing a provisional restoration.

SensiTemp eliminates the need to mix and clean up cement. The formulas are delivered in both a 4ml improved automix hand syringe, or a 25ml automix cartridge used in an S-25 dispenser gun. No tubes, no waste — use what you want when you want it, where you want it.

For more information, call your dental dealer or Sultan Chemists at (800) 637-8582.

For free online training modules on these and other Sultan Chemists products, visit

Consistently accurate impressions!

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You need to control the variables if you want control of the results. There's no alternative. Better dentistry means that you must be able to create the most accurate impression possible — every time. That's why CLINICIAN'S CHOICE developed the CHOICEpack™ for Consistently Accurate Impressions. It's a complete tissue management, preparation cleansing, and impressioning kit that includes all the products and accessories you need, plus a step-by-step clinical technique guide.

The CHOICEpack for Consistently Accurate Impressions includes TISSUE GOO™ Hemostatic Gel, FIRST STRING™ Braided Retraction Cord, DETAIL™ Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel, the inflexible dual-arch QUAD-TRAY™, two viscosities of AFFINITY™ 3rd Generation Impression Material (AFFINITY Light Body High Flow and InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material), AFFINITY Tray Adhesive, and mixing tips.

For more information, or to buy direct, call (800) 265-3444.

Free Sensodyne samples online

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, maker of Sensodyne® toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity prevention, announces that free samples of Sensodyne can be ordered at — your online resource for oral care information. Offices may also purchase specially priced Denture Essentials Kits as well as Aquafresh® toothpaste and toothbrushes at the site.

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In addition to online ordering capability, offers downloadable patient education materials on topics such as dentin hypersensitivity, cold-sore therapy, denture care, and smoking cessation. These materials can be customized and personalized. Custom presentations on a variety of subjects also can be created using the tools on the site.

Practices without Internet access, or those with product questions about GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare's family of products may call (800) 652-5625.

VITA® introduces TriLuxe bloc for CEREC 3

Vident announces the introduction of the VITA TriLuxe bloc for the CEREC 3 CAD/CAM milling system. In addition to the outstanding light transmission and fluorescent properties found in the popular VITA Mark II ceramic blocs, TriLuxe milling blocs offer three different color saturations and three different translucencies integrated into one bloc.

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TriLuxe makes it possible to copy the optical characteristics of a natural tooth, including translucency and color intensity. It consistently achieves a better integration of the restoration into remaining natural dentition owing to its three softly transitioning gradations and translucencies. TriLuxe blocs are indicated for both anterior and posterior crowns.

Tri 12 (10 mm x 12 mm x 15 mm) is available in packages of 10, and Tri 14 (12 mm x 14 mm x 18 mm) in packages of five. Both sizes are available in Vita 3D-Master Shades 1M2C, 2M2C, and 3M2C for CEREC.

For more information, visit To order, contact your local Patterson Dental Company representative. (Note: CEREC 3 is not a registered trademark of VITA or Vident).

Healthy teeth and fresh breath

Featured on ABC's "20/20," the EverFresh toothbrush/tongue cleaner combines a fluoride-releasing toothbrush and tongue cleaner in one convenient and easy-to-use product. Cleaning can be done quickly, gently, and easily.

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The revolutionary new toothbrush filaments feature slow-release sodium fluoride (NaF). The fluoride releases during brushing, aiding in the remineralization of teeth. Good for 45 uses. Patients love this convenient and practical new product!

For more information, call Dr. Subhash Gupta of EverFresh at (978) 840-9797.

New model of the CURE

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Can it get any better? Yes, it can, redesigned for even more convenience! The new CURE features a smaller head, longer neck, and sleek new buttons for your comfort. Single-click it for high power (1000mw), allowing six-second cure-time for most composites. Use and store it like a handpiece — it mounts directly to your dental unit. Suggested retail is $499. the CURE, another top-rated product from Spring Health Products, Inc.

For more information, call (800) 800-1680.

Valplast® — the flexible solution!

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Ideal for partials, unilateral partials, flippers, Nesbits, and full dentures, MicroDental Laboratories now offers Valplast® — the flexible solution to removable prosthetics. Fabricated with translucent, nylon-based materials on an injection press, the rendered appliance is highly flexible and translucent for optimal, metal-free blending with underlying tissue.

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For more information, please call MicroDental at (800) 229-0936 or visit

Hardcore fluoride-releasing material

Pulpdent Corporation's HardCore™ is a two-paste, dual-cure composite restorative and core build-up material with fluoride release. Its off-white color makes it easily distinguishable from tooth structure and does not create shadows in crowns. HardCore mixes well, resists slumping, and syringes easily through small tips for direct placement. The chemical cure is completed in eight minutes from the beginning of the mixing process and can be accelerated by using a curing light.

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HardCore's core forms are available in four sizes and have a tab on top for easy pick up and placement with a cotton pliers or hemostat. The design allows for accurate contouring, precise sizing, and fast removal. Made of clear polyethylene for light-curing, the forms are easily trimmed and do not stick to the core material.

The HardCore kit features two 10-gram jars of base, two 10-gram jars of catalyst, 20 assorted core forms, mixing pad, and spatulas. The refill consists of 10-gram jars of base and catalyst. Both are available through dental dealers.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

Immediate space maintainers save time!

"Immediate Space Maintainers" require no impressions, no models, and no lab fees. Easily placed, they can be adjusted and fitted in minutes. By eliminating impressions and models, Immediate Space Maintainers allow the patient to be treated on the initial visit without the need, expense, or waiting time for laboratory services. It is fitted on the spot without needing a second appointment, maximizing productivity.

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Immediate Space Maintainers are easy to use, fully adjustable, and are pre-formed to easily and comfortably fit virtually all patients. They require no wire bending and can be applied in as little as 15 minutes.

Dentists can order starter and deluxe kits of bands as well as first primary, second primary, and first permanent molar crown kits. A starter kit is only $250, and crown kits are $139.50. Success Essentials also can supply the pliers needed to apply the devices.

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For more information or to order products from Success Essentials, call (800) 423-3270, or visit

AURELIA 110 blue soft Nitrile gloves

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Get 110 gloves for the price of 100! Nitrile feels as soft as silk and is tougher than ever. With the newly developed Nitrile formulation, Supermax, Inc., is able to deliver Nitrile gloves that are as comfortable as the ever-popular latex examination gloves. Nitrile offers no more worries about protein allergy, yet provides a latex feel and tactile sensitivity.

In addition, Supermax is offering 10 percent more free. Aurelia 110 also is available in chlorinated powder-free, smooth-surface and polymer-coated powder-free, and smooth-surface. For more information call (800)-AURELIA (287-3542).

Hu-Friedy introduces new SWIVEL™ insert

Hu-Friedy introduces the next generation of SWIVEL™ ultrasonic inserts — SWIVEL DIRECT FLOW. Its "through-tip" water delivery focuses the water flow directly to the tip — reducing excess spray for increased visibility.

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Simply roll the SWIVEL insert in your fingers for smooth scaling from start to finish. It is now available in a longer, 30kHz grip for improved access and adaptability in posterior areas. The inserts are offered in five tip patterns — #10 Universal, #100 Thin and the After Five® straight, After Five® right and After Five® left perio designs.

The new insert is featured in the "ErgoDynamic" promotion which runs from September 1 to December 31.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY or contact your representative.

TransCure offers spot-curing turbo-tip

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Kinetic Instruments has introduced a new 4 mm spot curing tip for its TransCure line of curing lights. This optically corrected turbo-tip is specially designed to facilitate "tacking" procedures in the veneering process. A two- to five-second burst of blue light is usually all that is required. The unique 4 mm light guide minimizes the area of cure for easy removal. Each tip is autoclavable, making infection control easy and convenient. TransCure can be ordered with the spot-curing tip, or at a later date.

For more information, call (800) 233-2346 or visit