Satelec Mini LED Curing Light now available

Oct. 25, 2005
A-dec offering has ergonomic handpiece that is comfortable and makes handling easy during all phases of restoration.

The Satelec Mini LED Curing Light is now available as an integrated option for A-dec 500 delivery systems.

Incorporating the latest in LED technology, the Mini LED uses a single light emitting diode that generates (with optional booster light guide) up to 2200mW/cm2 over a wide light spectrum (420nm to 480nm) making it the most powerful lamp on the market and one of the only lights able to polymerize almost all types of composite material currently available.

The Mini LED's compact design and advanced technology allow for fast
installation into A-dec systems. The curing light can be operated remotely
using the A-dec 500 deluxe control pad, further streamlining the delivery

Its ergonomic handpiece is comfortable and makes handling easy during all phases of restoration. The durable, anodized aluminum housing contains no fan, so it's silent, self-cooling, shock resistant, and easy to clean.

The Mini LED is equipped with a microprocessor for perfect control of the LED and offers three different modes. Fast mode supplies full power for 10
seconds; pulse mode gives 10 successive one-second flashes; and ramping
mode provides 10 seconds with linear power and 10 seconds at full power.

The special one-piece glass rod increases the light emission by 30 percent for
fast and powerful curing that's equivalent to plasma light. The autoclavable
light guide is available in universal (7.5mm) or booster (5.5mm) sizes.