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Curvy anatomical wedges

Oct. 29, 2010
Curvy Anatomical Dental Wedge designed to create less tissue irritation and postoperative discomfort.
The Curvy Anatomical Dental Wedge is three-dimensionally shaped to follow the contour of the tooth. Other wedges bend only two-dimensionally. The synthetic Curvy wedge follows the anatomy of the tooth to create less tissue irritation and postoperative discomfort. It will help to adapt the matrix band more precisely for a faster finishing of the restoration by achieving more accurate interproximal contacts, and less chances for overhangs. Easy to insert and remove with cotton pliers. Curvy comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) in clockwise and counter-clockwise. For critical marginal adaptation, the clockwise and the counter-clockwise wedges should be used simultaneously from opposite sides of the tooth.The Curvy wedges are supplied in circular blister packs from which they can easily be extracted. The different colors facilitate quick selection of the required wedges. The wedges with clockwise curvature are orange and those with anti-clockwise curvature are blue, and the two colors are shaded differently for each size of wedge.For more information, go to read more about VOCO America, go to VOCO America.To comment on this product, go to