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Smile Line USA introduces VeneerMe protection device for veneers

Dec. 12, 2017
Smile Line USA has introduced Veneer.Me, a protection device for veneers.
VENEER.ME IS A PROTECTION DEVICE FOR VENEERS from Smile Line USA. With Veneer.Me, you can carry, ship, and manipulate your hyperdelicate veneers with security.

The base of the Veneer.Me box is covered with a sticky pad made with polyurethane gel. Veneers are placed on the pad on their buccal surface and adhere naturally. All of the preparation of the internal part of the veneer, including acid etching and silanization, can be done in this position without any fear of a veneer escaping or falling on the floor.

The pad's membrane is permeable. The pad's material is resistant and can be reused several times. In case of deterioration, it is easily replaceable. The membrane-frame can be clipped on the base of the box for extra fixation. The clinician can proceed with rinsing and drying without the fear of losing a veneer after having replaced the membrane frame on the base. This allows the clinician to work with total security.

Veneer.Me is sold in a set of three compartments with spare polyurethane pads and extra membrane filters.

To learn more, visit or contact Smile Line USA at (877) 755-6868.

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