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Tokuyama Dental America introduces EsteCem II dual-cured resin cement

Nov. 13, 2018
Tokuyama Dental America has announced the release of EsteCem II, a dual-cured resin cement.

Tokuyama Dental America has announcedthe release of EsteCem II, a dual-cured resin cement.

EsteCem II does not require light curing, etching (optional), surface agitation, additional primers, or activators when used with Tokuyama Universal Bond, which is included in the EsteCem II kit. The quick application, three-second tack cure, and easy cleanup cut chair time, so EsteCem II offers speed comparable to self-adhesive cements. Eliminating the need for extraneous primers and activators, EsteCem II can save inventory and replace several cements and luting agents in clinicians’ practices.

EsteCem II has high bond strength in self-etch, light-cure, or self-cure mode, offering flexibility to clinicians for all indications. Tokuyama Dental’s 3D-SR monomer creates a three-dimensional cross-linking adhesion interface for an enhanced bond to all restorative materials and retentive and nonretentive surfaces, providing versatility akin to dual-cured resin cements.

EsteCem II is stain resistant and experiences minimal color shift when directly placed in coffee in lab tests. With very low water absorption, EsteCem II significantly reduces the risk of marginal discoloration, as fluids and saliva are less absorbed from the expansion and contraction during intraoral temperature fluctuations. Minimal water absorption also decreases the pressure beneath a prosthetic and risk of cracking.

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